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Chování zákazníka - anglicky

Kategorie: Marketing, Ekonomické cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tato práce se stručně zabývá chováním zákazníka. Definuje roli marketingu, zdůrazňuje vliv marketingové strategie na životní styl. Věnuje se reklamní kampani značky Dove, na níž charakterizuje a demonstruje ovlivňování člověka.


Marketingové strategie
Dove kosmetika
Marketingové ovlivňování životního stylu


"Body has been a very powerful marketing strategy since sixties. At this time the certain fashion company came up with a new icon Twiggy who has been idol for girls and women all over the world. . Since that girls and women are trying to look the same way as their idols. Body image is one of the most discussed topics for a long time. The ideal of beauty is striker and people are willing to do almost everything to be more attractive. Therefore cosmetic and fashion companies are extremely oriented on a good promotion. They are investing a huge amount of money into the promotion in magazines, on billboards or on TV. Their promotion has such huge impact which causes that many organizations are judging them for a bad influence. The promotion is one the main way how to show to the customers what is going to be “in” and it is so powerful that it causes that most of the people go immediately into the shop and buy the product.

I have chosen the Dove cosmetic company campaign which is a total revolution in cosmetic industry. Dove introduced as a first company promotion where used normal women as a model. The campaign is massive, Dove entered into the national television and magazine ads, as well as on billboards and the sides of buses in urban markets like Boston, Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco. The principle behind the campaign is to celebrate the natural physical variation embodied by all women and inspire them to have the confidence to be comfortable with them. The launch campaign featured normal women of different shapes and sizes recruited in a number of ways; one was approached in the street, another answered an ad which was placed in a local South London newspaper. Dove is concentrated on three main issues – campaign for real beauty, campaign pro age and a special campaign for children and teenagers. My sample promotion is a huge step in to the future, Dove is aware of dangerous influence, that cosmetic companies have and therefore is introducing messive campaign. The campaign should change something and it will be surely very profitable for Dove.

The company is trying to involve the new era in the body image but it is a question if they succeed. Although this campaign has a lot of fans there is still another group of people who see the campaign as fake and as a marketing step how to earn higher profit. However the company noticed several times higher profit and it shows the company as a successful. The company is in the campaign promoting the nature beauty, but on the other hand their main purpose is selling product as cosmetic firm. Therefore many people is asking why they came up with this campaign when they are still producing products as Intensive Firming Cream, Intensive Firming Lotion and the Firming Moisturizing Body Wash which are for removing cellulite."



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