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Geografie USA - anglicky

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Charakteristika: Práce velmi stručně shrnuje základní geografické údaje o USA. Podrobněji se věnuje národním parkům.


Národní parky


“The United States of America are one of the most developed and largest countries in the world. The area of the USA is about 9,5 million square kilometers and their population is about 224million. The USA is the fourth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada and China. United States are situated in the Northern America and border on Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. In the west there is a Pacific ocean and in the east border on the Atlantic Ocean. Part of the USA Alaska is on the northern part of the continent and it borders on Canada and Russia. The Hawaian Islands are 3000 km southwest of California. The capital of the United States is Washington D.C.. it has only about 760.000 inhabitants. In this city there are the most important buildings in the USA-the White House-the residence of American President, the Capitol-the seat of Congress, the Pentagon-the centre of military forces. There are not any factories. But the largest city is New York on the east coast and the second largest is Los Angeles in the west coast. The highest mountains are situated in the western part of the country.
The biggest and longest river in Northern America is Mississippi and it flows across the Mississippi Lowlands and i flows into the Mexico Bay. Other rivers as the Red River, the Missouri, the Ohio flows into this Bay too. In the north there are Big Canadian Lakes-the Upper Lake, the Michigan Lake, the Ontario lake, the Huron Lake, The Eire Lake. About one half of the continental USA is occupied by the Cordilleras in the west. They are divided into several parts, for example the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin with Death valley lying 85 meters below sea level, The Colorado Plateau with Grand Canyon or Sierra Nevada with the highest peak of the continental USA Mt. Whitney(4418m). The highest peak of the USA is in Alaska and it’s Mt. McKinley. On the eastern coast there are the Appalanches Mountains, in the southeast there is a Florida. Niagara Falls are on the US-Canadian border and it’s between Lake Erie and lake Ontario.
The climate of the USA is varied-from the Arctic in the north to the subtropical in the south. The climate is influenced by mountains and oceans. So there is a great difference between the climate on the Pacific coast and Atlantic coast. But the nicest weather is on the Hawaian Islands.
There are many nature parks and reservations, mainly in the Cordilleras. The most famous is Yellowstone National park in the Rocky Mountains. It’s the oldest and largest nature reserve in the USA. The second park is Yosemite Valley National park and it’s in Sierra Nevada.
Next touristic attraction is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. It’s very large multi-coloured rock Valley."



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