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Kanada, Austrálie, Nový Zéland

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Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

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Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje základní informace o Kanadě, Austrálii a o Novém Zélandu. Samozřejmě také obsahuje různé zajímavosti a atraktivity daných zemí.


Kanada -
a) základní informace např. poloha, počet obyvatel, měna
b) politický systém
c) svátky
d) geografie
e) hlavní město - Ottawa + další slavná města
f) slavné osobnosti
a) základní informace např. poloha, počet obyvatel, měna
b) politický systém
c) geografie
d) hlavní město Canberra + další slavná města
Nový Zéland
a) základní informace např. poloha, počet obyvatel, měna
b) politický systém
c) geografie
d) hlavní město Wellington + Auckland


"Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada is located in the north of the continent of
North America. The name Canada comes from the Iroquois Indian word ,,kanata´, which means village or settlement. Canada has a relatively small population of 30 million. It is a multicultural country with two official languages, English and French.
Canada is constitutional monarchy because was a British colony from 1867. The monarch of the United Kingdom, currently Queen Elizabeth II., is ceremonial head of state, but she has little power. Her representative is the Governor General. Canada has a federal system of government. Leader of the government is called the prime minister.
Canada is a member of British Commonwealth of Nations.
The flag consist of two vertical bands red with a white square between them and a red maple leaf centred in the white square.
Canada's national holiday is the 1st of July known as Canada Day. It marks the founding of the Dominion of Canada in 1867. Thanksgiving, celebrated on the second Monday in October, is traditionally a time to give thanks for the harvest and enjoy meals of roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.
Now something about geography. Canada is bordered by the USA to the south and the north-west (Alaska). The country is divided into ten provinces. The southern part of the country is covered in forest. The northern part is mostly tundra. The Canadian Rocky Mountains lie along the west coast. The highest mountain is Mont Logan. There are also many lakes and rivers, the Mackenzie and St Lawrence rivers are the longest. The Great Lakes are in the South. Canada mostly has a continental climate with cold snowy winters and warm summers. The far north has a polar climate.
The capital city is Ottawa. There are parliment´s buildings. Toronto is the largest city. Toronto’s attractions include the CN Tower, the world’s tallest tower. Montreal is the second largest city. Tourist can see a lot of buildings with modern architecture. Vancouver is also a popular destination. It hosted the Olympic games in 2010.
The biggest attractions for people and tourist is ice hockey because it is Canadian national sport and in Canada is a lot of famous team f.e. Calgary, Vancouver or Motreal.
A lot of famous people come from Canada f.e. writer Margaret Atwood, singer and poet Leonard
Cohen, my favourite actor Jim Carrey, my favourite pop singers Nelly Furtado and Celine Dion."



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