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Kanada a Austrálie - anglicky

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Charakteristika: Práce vypisuje základní informace o Kanadě a Austrálii. Zmiňuje se o poloze a rozloze, povrchu, vodstvu, obyvatelstvu, městech nebo fauně. Může sloužit také k přípravě na maturitu.





Canada occupies the whole of the Northern part of the North America.
According to its area Canada is the second largest country in the world.
The largest Canadian mountains are Coast mountins, The Rocky mountains, Mackenzie with the highest mountain Logan.
The largest rivers are St. Lawrence, Mackenzie and Fraiser.
It shares four of the great Lakes with theUSA:Ontario,Superior,Huron,Erie, not Michigan.
The country id divided into 3 territories and 10 provinces. The capital city is Otawa.
Quebec is the only French speaking provinces.
The head of state is Queen Elisabeth II. The Federal Parliament consist of governor.
Since 1965 the country has had its own national flag with the maple leaf.
The largest cities are Montreal, Otawa, Quebec.
Canada is a major exporter of wheat thanks to the provinces.
Population is about 32milion inhabitants. Most of them live near the USA.
Niagara Falls are between the lakes Ontario and Erie.
Toronto’s biggest attraction is CN Toronto tower
Beaver is the national animal.
Popular sports are: ice-hockey, lacross, basketball
The original inhabitans are eskymos.


Australia is located between oceans the Pacific and the India
The Commonwealth of Australia consist of 6 states and 2 territories
The highest mountain od Australia is Mt. Kosciuszko.
There are deserts and semi-deserts in the central part of the country.
Most rivers are _ which dry up during summer.
The largest rivers are The Murray and The Darling.
The population of the country is 20milion, mostly of descendants origins. There live about 30,000 bushmens (native people) in Australia.
Australie it the gratest producer of wool in the world.
The largest city is Sydney,capital city is Canberra and the second largest city is Melbourne.
The official head of state is Queen Elisabeth II.
The famous mountain in central Australia is called Uluru or Ayers Rock.
Along the coast of Queensland is Great Barrier Reef,which is the world’s largest coral reef.
In Australia are many animals, for example cangaroo, rabit, spiders or snakes.
The climate in the north is tropical and in the south is
Popular sports are football or cricket."



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