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Komunikace a média

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Hotelová škola Třebíč, Třebíč

Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje jednoduchý rozbor nejznámějších masmédií, jejich výhody a nevýhody. Dále obsahuje stručný popis toho, jaké formy komunikace existují.


Úvod k médiím


"The most common types of media are newspaper, magazines, radio, television or internet. The media report on important events from around the world f. e. disasters like the Asian tsunami, wars between different countries or who won the Olympic Games. Events are something important than happens. It can be good or bad. As well as reporting the news, the media give their opinion of events round the world. Reports also like writing about celebrities like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp. The media always should be honest, truthful and objective. The media should not be biased, untruthful, ruin someone´s life or create panic.
First, I would like speak about newspaper. People read a newspaper because there can to find out what has happened or there are interesting articles. You can find there the headlines, world news, national news, film reviews, music reviews, concert reviews, the weather forecast, classifieds or crosswords. The different types of newspaper are f. e. broadsheets, which are large and often have more serious news and tabloids, which are smaller and have more gossip and scandal news. Other types are f. e. dailies, which come out every day except Sunday or weeklies, which come out once a week. In the Czech Republic people read Mladá Fronta dnes. You can buy newspaper at a newsagent, train station, newsstand or in a supermarket. Magazines you can buy in this places too. You can read in magazines some articles about fashion, nature, live –style or about history. I prefer fashion magazines. My favourite magazine is Joy because there are a lot of information and articles about fashion, make – up, hairstyles, travelling or about celebrities.
Now, I would like speak about television. On TV you can see breakfast news, which is in the morning and the nightly news, which has a summary of the main events of the day.
I think the most popular media is the internet nowadays. On the internet you can find really all. There are online newspaper, magazines, radio stations, television channels, information about celebrities, music or blogs, where people write their own stories. There are of course social media website such as Twitter or Facebook. You can share your photos, videos and chat with friends on social website. Sometime it can be dangerous because people spent a lot of time on the internet and they can be addiction on the internet.
Now, I would like speak about communication. Communication face to face is the most important because it is personal and you can use gestures. It has one disadvantage. You can´t use communication face to face if you are away and your family or friends are at home. If you can´t communicate face to face, you can use mobile phone, email or social website. It is very fast. Email and social website are gratis but if you can text or call, it cost some money.
You can communicate by letters. It can be business or informal. Business letters are very formal documents. People usually send informal letter to family or friends. If you can send letter, you need some paper, stamp and envelope. It cost some money but not much. Then you go to the post and send letter. It last about 2, 3 or 4 days. Sometimes problem can be with post. They can lose letter or can be damaged.
I prefer communication face to face. Of course, If it isn´t possible, I prefer communication by social website or by mobile phone."



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