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Sports and games

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Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka, která zpracovává téma sportu a her velice do hloubky, ae i přesto je psána srizumitelně a jednoduchým jazykem. Najdete zde typické sporty pro Anglii, ČR, Austrálii a USA. Věnuje se také zimním a letním sportům. Na konci práce najdete slovní zásobu, ve které jsou uvedeny méně známé sporty a důležitá slovní spojení.


Importance of sport
Types of sports-individual and team sports
-winter and summer sports
-outdoor and indoor sports
The most popular sports in the UK, the USA and the CZ
Important international sports events


"Sports and games are very good for active relaxation as well as for physical and psychical condition. Doing sports keeps us healthy and relaxed. All doctors recommend exercising as prevention and convalescence of various aliments.Sports and games give you chance to develop your talent and meet new people too.

There are two types of sportsmen: professional and amateur ones. Amateurs don’t have to be very talented because they doing sport for their good feeling. They like sport and want to be fit. Professionals love sport, so they want to make it their main livelihood. It´s very hard to be a professional sportsman because they have to practice very much. On the other hand it´s a well-paid job. For example football players are ones of the richest people in the world. Good sportsman should by strong, fast, smart, fair and mostly gifted I think.

We can divide sports and games into groups according to where and when they are practiced. We´ve got individual or team sports, winter or summer sports, outdoor or indoor sports.
I prefer team sports to individual ones. If you do team sport, you have bigger responsibility. It´s not only about you, but it´s about the whole team. On the other side in team you make new friends and you can learn something new from your team players.
Winter sports are popular mostly in northern countries. The most popular is ice hockey I think. It´s a very hard sport. Hockey players have to be fast, smart and strong. To play hockey is expensive, so it´s not a sport for everybody. The others winter sports are: ski jump, snowboarding, curling, figures skating, sledging and speed skating. In the Czech Republic there is an excellent speed skater Martina Sáblíková. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion.
For doing summer sports good weather is necessary. It can be dangerous to do some sport when it´s rainy for example. These are swimming, tennis, horse racing, football, American football, golf, beach volleyball, rock climbing, scuba diving etc.
All these sports can be practiced outdoor or indoor. So we have outdoor sports which are: skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, and windsurfing for example. On the other hand there are indoor sports. These are: curling, gymnastic, table tennis, boxing, wrestling or bowling. But most sports and almost all games can be done both outside and inside.

In the Czech Republic the most popular sport is European football. It has good bag ground here. Almost in each village there is a football club. Despite this Czech people are not good football players. European football is known as soccer in the USA. Two teams of 11 players try to get a ball inside the rival´s goal. The second most favorite sport is ice-hockey. Our hockey players are really excellent. There is lot of them in NHL. Our national representation won the Olympic Games and also World championship. Czech people like skiing or snowboarding, but in our country there aren´t good conditions for it. Due to this they go for holidays to foreign countries as Austria, Italy or Switzerland. The others popular sports are tennis, floor ball, volleyball or cycling.
Many sports have their origins in Britain that is the reason why Britain is sometimes called the cradle of sport. Two types of rugby, modern game of hockey, cricket, darts, tennis or boxing were invented in Britain. Golf, also called the sport of rich people, has its origins in Scotland. In Britain there are a lot of football clubs (the most famous are Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal). In London there is one of the biggest football stadiums – the Wembley Arena. Rugby is also very popular; it was first played at Rugby School in England. Cricket is typical for Britain It was and still remains an English national game. British like horses due to this horse racing is attractive for a large number of spectators."





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