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Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny na téma The USA. Tato práce je vhodná ke školní i ke státní maturitě. Původně vznikla jako práce ke školní maturitě, takže pro tu státní bude možná potřeba něco doplnit. Je psána velice přehledně, jednoduše a srozumitelně, přesto obsahuje všechny důležité informace.


Political system


"-The USA is the third largest county in the world which is situated in the southern part of North America. It´s neighbors are Canada in the North and Mexico in the South.
-It is washed by The Atlantic Ocean, The Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. In the east there is the --Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In the west there is the Gulf of California. In the north there are the Great Lakes, which lie on boundary with Canada. These are: Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. Between Erie and Ontario there are Niagara Falls. In The USA there is salt lake too. It is the Great Salt Lake in the Rocky Mountains. The longest river is the Mississippi River (New Orleans is situated on Mississippi´s estuary). Very important rivers are: the Missouri, the Columbia River, the Rio Grande, the Potomac, the Hudson River and the Colorado River- on the Colorado there is the Grand Canyon. The Yukon is the biggest river in Alaska
-About half of the continental USA is occupied by the Cordilleras in the west. They are divided into these ranges: the Rocky Mountains, the Cascade Ranges, and the Sierra Nevada. The highest peak of Rocky Mountains is Mt. McKinley. The part of Cordilleras is the Sierra Nevada as well. Close to the Sierra Nevada there is The Grand Canyon.
The oldest mountains are the Appalachian Mountains.
-In the southwest there are deserts (for example The Mojave Desert)
-In the centre of the USA there are the Central Plains where are cultivated grains and corns.
- There is lot of lowlands and highlands

-Climate is varied, mostly temperate, but there are extremes in Alaska where is arctic climate and in
Florida and Hawaii where is tropical one.
-In the east there are hot summers, hard winter with snowstorms.
-In the southeast there is hot and wet weather all the year.
-In the central part there are tornados very often
-In the southwest is hot and dry weather
-In the northwest is cold with heavy rains

-There live about 275 million people. It is a multicultural country. The original inhabitants were Indians, but they were killed and took to reservations, where they had to live. At present they are minority. In the 17th century came emigrants from all Europe (mostly British, French and Spanish people) There live about 12% of Black people and 2% of people from Asia. China people have their own cities in the cities called China Town.
-The main language is American English

-The USA is a federation of 50 states (48 on continent, Alaska in the North and Hawaii in the Mid-Pacific). There is also one district. It is District of Columbia. It is not a state, because there is the capital which should be neutral.
-The head of state is president. Power is divided into three branches – legislative, executive and
Judicial. The legislative branches are made up of Congress. It has two parts: The House of Representatives- it´s members are elected according to the population of each state. The second part is Senate which seats in the Capitol. It has 100 members (2 of each state).The executive branch is represented by the President. He is elected every 4 years. The judicial branch is made up of Supreme Court.
-there are two political parties: The Democratic Party and The Republican Party
-The flag has two parts. Small blue oblong with 50 stars (they symbolize 50 American states). The second part is one large oblong with red and white stripes ( they are symbol of 13 original states)"





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