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Gangy New Yorku - esej anglicky

Kategorie: Film - rozbory a obsahy, Umělecké obory - cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tento text ve třech krátkých odstavcích shrnuje děj filmu Gangy New Yorku. Závěr je věnován situaci imigrantů na Manhattanu tak, jak jej líčil film.


Proč jsem si vybral film Gangy New Yorku
Stať – děj filmu
Závěr – situace imigrantů a obyvatelů NY z pohledu filmu


„ First of all, I wanted to write an essay about Cold Mountain but then I realized I have watched it at least three times before. So I decided to go for a completely new movie for me – Gangs of New York which I‘ve never seen and had no idea what time of the history was involved in it. After watching the two hours and a half long movie, I found out there is so much information and historical events to deal with.
The story started in the year 1846. It showed us a place in New York called the Five Points which was the center of New York gangs, poor people, Irish immigrants and later emancipated black people. In the movie, there are two gangs – Bowary Boys and Dead Rabbits. The gang Bowery Boys with their leader Bill The Butcher ( by the way, real historical figure) was formed by white men calling themselves “the natives“. On the contrary, the gang Dead Rabbits was formed by the Irish immigrants who were not “native“. The gangs were fighting between themselves over control of the Five Points. In this time, the society was really in decay. As a matter of fact, every year came a reformer with his preaching in the effort to save the morale of the Five Points. The entertainment of the gangs was mainly drinking, fornication, animal duels, boxing…And people bet on the winners. Many of these activities were illegal and the gangs had to bribe the police. To scare off the people, the gangs held public executions, because the order in the gangs could be only preserved by fear. The leader of a gang was collecting money from the members. They usually “made money“ by robbing people. Some of the gangs were even so depraved that they were robbing the dead soldiers from the civil war brought to the NY shore. In the movie, we learned some interesting practices of the female thieves. Some of these kinds of women are called angler, autumn diver, badger or turtledove. Even though the gangs were rude and shameless, they were also very religious ( mainly the Roman-Catholic Irish gang Dead Rabbits), they honored traditions and performed ceremonies before the battles.“



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