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Guide´s commentary

Kategorie: Nauky o anglickém jazyce

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: Vyšší odborná škola Havířov s.r.o. Vyšší odborná škola Havířov, s.r.o., Havířov - Podlesí

Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje krátký komentář průvodce v anglickém jazyce.


Komentář průvodce


"Guide´s commentary
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome on our tour of town Šumperk. My name is Jitka and I will accompany you today. The town is quite small so we do not need a driver.

Our tour will take about 3 hours, we will visiting many sights and museums. You can take photographs everywhere. Our tour will be on foot. If you will need any refreshments we can stop for coffee or dessert.

Our first stop is The Local History Museum. We will have about an hour tour with their own guide. It was founded in 1954 but they restored it and reopened it on 20 May 2003. You can find there permanent exhibition of old crafts, natural exposition and shop with souvenirs. Our next stop is Town Hall. We will get inside and look over the town from the Town Hall tower. It is situated in historical part. It was built in 1475 in Gothic style and it was rebuilt many times. Present form of Town Hall was rebuilt in 1911 in Neo-Renaissance style. Next to, we can see the Plague Column built to memory of the victims a Great Plague that raged in our country in 1714. After that will come to see Church of St. Barbara. This object is a protected monument. It was built in 1753 and it was part of the Town Cemetery. Then we can walk through Jiráskovy sady. It was founded on the Cemetery site in 20th century. Nowadays, Town Cemetery is situated in another part of the town. In the end of our tour are Šumperk walls. There are stone walls from 15th century. It was founded to protect centre of the old town. I see you are tired so we can go for a cup of tea or coffee in café World and return to your hotel.

We are back in the hotel. Thank you for your attention. I hope you enjoyed the trip. We will see tomorrow and we will continue the town surrounding. Good night and we will meet tomorrow at 9 o´clock."



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