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Internet - anglicky

Kategorie: Technické obory - cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce krátce definuje Internet, zabývá se způsoby, jak se na něj připojit a službami, které koncovým uživatelům nabízí.


What is Internet?
How to sign on?
What does Internet offer you?
FTP, Gopher and Archie


“#2 How to sign on?

First step is to buy a computer. Because I know you are full of money that shouldn’t be a problem. You must also buy a modem (word comes from MODular EMulator), a device connected on telephone line and plugged into your machine. It matters a lot how fast that device is, which depends on how much money you are ready to give away. But that’s an old, sad story, already known to everyone.
Software: this word includes programs, tools and applications; without them your computer is only a box. You shouldn’t copy such things from your friend, because that’s a crime and you can be arrested. So, if anybody possesses an illegal copy of Windows, he should let me know that I can report him.
When you have all of this: a computer, modem and appropriate software, you should start looking for Internet access provider. Of course money talks here, too, but if you’re a student you can get it for free. This goodie is provided for you by ARNES, which means Academic Research NEtwork of Slovenia. In case you are not a student you can buy it for approximately 10.000 SIT per month. Why spend so much money? Well, when you are once in, you will never ask yourself this question again.
When you have arranged all this, you are ready to launch yourself into cyberspace. But before that, it is likely for you to have also a small amount of knowledge and big amount of patience - or better: someone who will help you.

#3 What does Internet offer you?

I will describe you only the main services that it offers to its users, because the real capability of Internet is unlimited.

The first and most interesting for me is service called WWW - World Wide Web. It is used to crusade or better surf across the Net. Through WWW it is available to you to access any site on the world and that gives you unlimited resources. You can find yourself information about anything you wish in just a few moments. For example, you can visit White House and post a message to Clinton or you can just look what is it in your local cinema today.

The second service is so called E-Mail - Electronic Mail. You can send a message to anybody on the Net, if you only know his E-Mail address. He will receive your mail just a few seconds after you post it."



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