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It is wrong to keep animals as pets

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: Gymnázium Jiřího z Poděbrad, Poděbrady, Studentská 166, Poděbrady

Charakteristika: Práce je napsána ve formě přesvědčovací eseje. Obhajuje negativní názor na chování domácích mazlíčků.


It is wrong to keep animals as pets. Do you agree?


"It is wrong to keep animals as pets. Do you agree?

Although many people enjoy having pets, many others are against keeping animals at home. And I am against, too. Having pets is bad: sometimes for animals and sometimes for us.
Firstly, there are many pets, such as turtles, parrots or guinea pigs, that bring diseases to humans and it is preferable that we do not keep them as pets. Secondly, there are other pets, such as some breed of dogs that are very dangerous for children, because they can bite the little ones, if the kids do not know, how to behave to them. Above all, animals should live out in the wild, as Mother Nature intended. Instead of this, many families have pets in small houses or only in flats and they never walk their dogs, they have birds in cages and fish in fishbowls. They look like prisoners and they develop behaviour and illnesses that are not typical for these animals.
However, on the other hand, I must admit that an animal companion can reduce depression and anxiety, improve people’s health or keep us fit. Moreover, it is certain that animal intervention can help ease the suffering of people with Alzheimer’s.
To sum up, sometimes pets seem to be a good company, but the truth is that they can become very dangerous for their owners. It is better for us (and even more for them) if they stay in their natural environment, where they can be free and happy."



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