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Jsou sci-fi filmy pouze fikcí nebo jsou reálným obrázkem o budoucnosti naší existence? - esej anglicky

Kategorie: Přírodní vědy - cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Jedná se o anglicky psanou esej z oblasti fyziky, která se věnuje rozboru teorie dvou amerických vědců - Petera Warda a Donalda Brownleeho, kde je zvažována i teorie zániku planety Země.


"Global warming is not only dangerous for our planet. Much more dangerous is for us life-giving sun. The sun is giving on every square meter on Earth’s surface 1000 watts and the energy causes that the day million times brighter then night. The astronomers claim that the Sun is 30 % higher now then it was millions years ago. In the first period the sun destroys plants, the paradox is because the sun will give more sun to plants, but it is wrong suggestion because the influence of higher temperatures brings higher erosion and there will by less of carbon dioxide. The photosynthesis will not be working. The computer analysis says the critical period will come in 500 millions years. As everyone knows without plants is not oxygen, and it means that after expiring plants expires our existence too.

All of these theories seem to be very catastrophic but there is lots of other theories which talk about expire of our planet. They seem to be even more worst then the theory above. Scientists found out that our planet is loosing very fast water resources. They suppose that in 500 million years will be not water here. The actual theory which developed Japanese scientists claims that this catastrophe can turn up at the end of this century. The reason is leak of water to the space. Although most of the water returnees back as rain-falls, some part stays in the space is moving to place where it is spread into oxygen and hydrogen. While oxygen stays in atmosphere, light hydrogen lea into the Space.

Another theory of the end of the earth proofs that here is much bigger threat. The move of Earth desk is still strong, and between gap inform huge mass of water into the glowing nucleus if the Earth. Japanese scientists counted that that thanks to this process the earth is loosing 1,12 milliards ton of water and the process is still faster and faster. The process causes all catastrophes such as earthquakes and tsunami which are in last years very frequent.

Is coming crash with Galaxy? Three hundred kilometers per second is getting closer another dangerous. It is a spiral galaxy named M31, which inevitably hit our planet. It is supposed to come up in 3 milliards years. Scientists do not know whit might happen but it definitely endangers life on the planate and it might destroy it."


Součástí je i Outline, ale ten je neúplný.



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