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Kontroverzní otázky současnosti - Eutanazie - maturitní otázka anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: Gymnázium Jana Nerudy, škola hlavního města Prahy, Praha 1, Hellichova 3, Praha 1 - Malá Strana

Charakteristika: Jedná se o vypracovanou maturitní otázku z angličtiny, která se věnuje otázce legalizace eutanazie. Probírá slavné případy současnosti, vyjmenovává země, které eutanazii legalizovaly a věnuje se posouzení kladů a záporů vzešlých z debaty o této problematice.


Země, které jsou pro a proti eutanazii
morální problémy eutanazie
Doktor Jack Kevorkian
Závěr - vlastní názor


"Euthanasia is a practice of having medically assisted death. It is only legal in Belgium, Netherlands and Oregon (USA), Luxembourg is in the process of passing a law to allow it. It used to be legal in Northern Territory but at present time, no Australian state legalises it. In Switzerland it is kind of legal, because a doctor can prepare a lethal injection for the patient, but the patient himself has to inject it.
The term euthanasia comes from the Greek words “eu” and “thanatos” which combined means “good death” or "dying well".
One of the main reasons that people emphasize to have euthanasia legalized is that choice is a principle for liberal democracies and free market systems, therefore everyone should have the right whether to live or not.
Also the pain and suffering a person feels during a disease, even with pain killers, can be incomprehensible to a person who has not gone through it. And the pain is in my opinion the main reason why people decide to commit suicide, and in these cases euthanasia is very helpful.
From economical point of view there is a shortage of hospital beds in many countries. The energy of doctors and hospital beds could be used for people whose lives could be saved instead of continuing the life of those who want to die which increases the general quality of care."


Určené pro Gymnázium Jana Nerudy. Obsahuje obrázek.



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