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Management - anglicky

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Charakteristika: Historie managementu. Funkce managementu. Cíle managementu. Organizace a strategie managementu. Metody managementu. Styly managementu. Manažerské techniky. Kontrola a její formy. Podniková kultura.


Historie managementu
Funkce managementu
Cíle managementu
Organizace a strategie managementu
Metody managementu
Styly managementu
Manažerské techniky
Kontrola a její formy
Podniková kultura


"2. Functions of managements
Basic principles of management were formulated by H. Fayol who recognized 4 basic functions or stages, closely folloving each other in a recurring cycle:
 Planning – defines the firms’s goals and helps to work out plans for their realization
 Organizing – assigns every employee to a specific job and establishes relations between individuals and groups for carrying out the required activities in a co-ordinated manner
 Decision-making and leading, when information is passed on the people in the form of motivations and directives, instructing employees to fulfil their tasks with maximum efficiency
 Controlling, which compares plans and realities and realities and identifies the cause of deviations

Management envisages the feedback of all the firms’s substatial operations and by the same token each operation is to be properly managed.

3. Management tasks
If we understand management as a group of top executives who steer a firm, the following tasks of a top executive appear the most important:
 Definition of goal
 Their inclusion in the plan
 Solving of critical situations

4. Organization ad strategy
In its analytic as well as integrating role, management uses specific working methods for finding solutions to problems which the firm has to cope with. In the course of time, 2 important areas have drawn special attention of experts: organization and strategy.

5. Methods of management
A large part of manaement research is based on the fact that management preppposes working with people. There is a variety of means which a management can use to achieve his/her goals. There is his/her formal uperiority in the company structure and, besides directvices and instrukction, a whole set of incentives as well as anctions at his/her disposal to accomplish his/her objectives as (s)he sees best. There is his/her character and personality too. Knowledge, experience, abilities, intuition are frequently mentioned among the most desirable qualities.
Some of the methods that have been explored and tested with various degrees of success can be briefly characterized as fallows:
 Competence building
 Enterpreneurism: some big comapanies are know to have been decentralized into smaller units in order to inspire innovative thinking personal achievement.
 Support of creativity in all its forms lays greater emphasis on knowledge as th emost valuable resource of a company and at the same time brings greater self-fulfilment to workers. Modernideas and practices of reengineering and restructuring are based on the same concept of viewing things which have long been taken for granted and verified, in a new and different light. All these methods try to generate the best combinations of logic and intuition, use free association and enhance unconventionla thinking. The corresponding techniques are brainstorming and the 635."



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