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Nakupování na internetu - anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce popisuje nakupování na internetu. Odpovídá na otázku, proč lidé využívají k nákupu internet, proč firmy nabízí své zboží v tomto prostoru. Věnuje se historii internetu a obchodování.


Why people buy goods on the Internet?
Why companies sell goods on the Internet?
History of the Internet and sale


"Why people buy goods on the Internet?
It’s quick, comfortable and mostly cheaper. You can shop from your home, your office or from everywhere you have the Internet. There are no queues, no closing hour. The goods will be delivered to your home, you don’t have to go anywhere. Internet shopping is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to buy almost everything you want. Another advantage of online shopping is volume. While in manual shopping you have to carry bags with you, in online shopping you will not face this. Shopping online also reduces physical stress. Another good thing is that you can get online more information about purchases than in a normal shop.

Why companies sell goods on the Internet?
It has low costs (no lease of areas, etc.). Now you are not limited by the lace of your shop, you can sell goods to anybody. Your website will sell in behalf of you, because of no opening hours. This type of market is dynamic. E-trading alias electronic trading is increasing, it complements and substitutes the classic sale.

History of the Internet and sale
The network of Ministry of Defence USA ARPANET was an ancestor and also a base of the Internet. This network arose in the year 1969 and the organization ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) participated in its beginning. The creation of the Internet is dated since 1969, but the name Internet hadn’t been used yet. At the same time with the increase of number of computers was needed to solve a problem with effective name allocation, so therefore were booted DNS (Domain Name Services) in the year 1984 – valid up to this day.
The first idea about the service “World Wide Web” appeared in the year 1989 and 3 years later was very famous and favourite, because Bill Gates came up with his operating system “Windows”.
And how was it n our country? Nobody has known about the Internet since 1989. In the following years the first servers were at universities. The true beginning is dated in the year 1994.
And now something about the history of sale on the Internet: In the 1990s Internet trading seemed to be the future of shopping. In the following years the predictions have come true. Brick-and-mortar retailers at first were hesitant to sell directly to the public via the Internet. However, when they saw the advantages in comparison with pure Internet retailers (like brand name recognition, distribution facilities, supplier relationships, ability to accept returns at stores, etc.), brick-and-mortar retailers launched their own websites. In fact, in 1998, brick-and-mortar retailers’ websites captured 60% of online sales."



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