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Stephen King: Zelená míle - anglicky

Kategorie: Americká literatura od 20. století

Typ práce: Obsahy a rozbory děl

Škola: GYMNASIUM JIŽNÍ MĚSTO, s. r. o., Praha 4

Charakteristika: Práce krátce seznamuje s časem a místem děje, postavami i prostředním zápletky románu Zelená míle od Stephena Kinga. Na závěr autorka doplňuje svůj názor na knihu.


Stephen King
Čas a místo děje
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Můj názor


"Book Report
Title: The Green Mile
Author: Stephen King
Stephen King is famous writer in the all world. His books are translated to many languages. He writes horror books. Readers devour plot. King really can write.
I choose one book of him. The Green Mile. Why? The main topic is still among us. The plot is happening in prison Cold Mountain, in 30th years 19th century, when in America is great crisis. There are many characters, but only a few are main characters. Several guards – Harry, Percy, Dean etc. The main prison officer is Paul Edgecombe. He is straight and as well nice. There are a few prisoners – Eduard Delacroix, Bill Wharton and John Coffey. John Coffey is a very important figure in the story. Why is he so important? I don´t say it, because I would say a lot ant it spoiled the reading experience for those who haven´t read the book. And Mr. Jingles, the mouse. Who would say that the mouse will be one of the main characters? It is interesting, because Mr. Jingles is everywhere and nowhere. Mouse lives in prison crawled into every little hole. Plus one of the prisoners domesticates her.
As I said at the beginning the plot is happening in prison Cold Mountain, where the E block is. What is the E block? E Block is the place of prison, where prisoners spend their last days. Before they go on the Green Mile. Why call they the way the Green Mile? Linoleum was the colour of withered old lemons. In another prisons they call the Last Mile this way, because on the end is an electric chair...
I think this book is for strong character. The story doesn´t let anybody calm. Personally, I read the book in one breath. Finally, I would like to quote the main character Paul. He captured well in one sentence the story. “Each of us must die, no exceptions, I know, but sometimes, oh God, The Green Mile is so long...”"





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