A letter of compleint

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Skripta, učební texty

Škola: Gymnázium Jiřího z Poděbrad, Poděbrady, Studentská 166, Poděbrady

Charakteristika: Práce shrnuje základní body pro naplnění slohového útvaru Formální dopis (stížnost) v anglickém jazyce a po té předkládá vlastní text podle zadaného tématu (Success Intermediate 129/8).




"A Letter of complain
Success 129/8
• Start by giving your reason for writing
• In the next paragraph, say what went wrong In chronological order and mention the problems it caused you
• If necessary, give suggestions about how the company can improve its service in a new paragraph
• At the end say clearly what kind of compensation you expect
• Start/end in a formal way
• Make sure the tone is polite but firm and the style is quite formal

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the last Shakespeare’s Sunday evening (October 12), namely with the nine o’clock performance A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in the Nobleman Theatre that you own.
I bought two tickets for me and my wife for this play to our wedding anniversary, which cost me ₤180 (excluding the transport to London). This was a lot of money to pay for me, but I believed that it should have been an unforgettable experience.
When we arrived to the lobby of Nobleman Theatre, there were many people waiting for the performance. Ten minutes before the performance was suggest to begin, a treasurer (Mr Tommson) told us very impolitely that one of the actors had become ill on Wednesday and the play was cancelled. However, the day before I checked your websites and there was no mention about it.
I feel that in the future you ought to pay more attention to inform your customers in time and your employees should be more polite.
I know that we have a claim to a refund. I expect my money to arrive on the account 3532-0673278656/0666 as soon as possible. I also think I should receive a formal apology from Mr Tommson. I hope you will consider my comments and I look forward to reading your reply.

Yours faithfully,
Pavel Antoš"





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