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Edgar Allan Poe: Zlatý brouk (skarabeus) - anglicky

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Typ práce: Životopisy

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce líčí podrobně životní peripetie tohoto amerického spisovatele, a vyjmenovává některá autorova další díla. Druhá část charakterizuje děj a styl povídky Zlatý brouk.


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Zlatý brouk – děj a styl


“ ...After he left his home, the first think he did, was look for his grandmother. He found her in Baltimore and began living in one house with her. Poe fell in love with a young girl Virginia Clemm. He get married with her , but she died very early. In Baltimore he continued to write. One of the magazines, which published some of Poe’s poems was the Southern Literary Messenger. The owner of the magazine soon asked Poe to read new books by other writers and to write articles about them. In this way Poe began to work as a critic. He had been writing for this magazine for only a few months when the owner asked him to come to Richmond to help publish the magazine. But he was all the time very poor and that’s why he wrote an instructive book about shells in the seas. After the death of his love Virginia he was very psychically empty. It was in 1847.
He died in the hospital in Baltimore on 7th October 1849. He was not yet forty-one years old. Almost none of his friends came to see his body put into the ground.
His most famous stories are The Pit And The Pendulum, The Black Cat, The Fall Of the House Of Usher, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Murders In The Rue Morgue, Premature Burial, William Wilson, The Mask Of Red Death or The Golden Bug.

This story was first published in The Graham’s Magazine, in which he wrote the articles about cryptography. It’s a short novel, which is divided into 2 parts. in the first part it’s the story and in the second part is the explanation of it. The main figures are the author and his friend Mr. William Legrand. He has a servant called Jupiter. Mr. Legrand lives on one island in Caribbean district and he is very interested in bugs and he has very big collection of them. Once he made a trip to the seaside and he found there on the sand a wreck of the boat and a bug. This unknown beetle had a gold colour and was very heavy. He and his servant thought that this bug is made of gold. His servant carried the bug into the piece of paper, which was lying near to the wreck. But it wasn’t paper. It was a piece of old parchment. but there was nothing on this parchment. When he wanted to describe this beetle to his friend, took this parchment out of his pocket and drew the bug on it. But on the second side of the parchment there was a skull, which was drawn with a secret ink. The skull appeared after warming of the parchment.
Legrand took this parchment and above the candle he explored it. He found a secret note which was ciphered. He deciphered it with the complementary method, when he counted the most frequented letters in the alphabet and he substituted them for signs into the note.
He found out that there is a treasure of Captain Kidd on this island. Over big problems he found it. He cleared up the all legend about Captain Kidd.
This story is written in very easy style and because of this the younger readers can read it too. He clears up all mysteries very intelligibly and realistically. It’s very interesting story and I think it’s written in the style, which is not very typical for Poe.
I was writing about E.A.Poe, because he is one of my favourite writers."



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