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Essay - Ecotourism

Kategorie: Cestovní ruch - teorie, Angličtina

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: Ostravská univerzita Přírodovědecká fakulta, Ostrava

Charakteristika: Esej pojednává o aktuálním trendu v turistickém ruchu - ekoturismu. Popisuje příčiny vzniku, jeho dopady a výhody oproti jiným formám cestovního ruchu.


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Ecotourism in Africa


"Essay on the topic: Ecotourism
Author: Vladimír Maryška
Nowadays, tourists are always looking for something new and exciting and the days, when tourists needs characterized just ordering a trip to the sea, are gone. Tourists are very sophisticated today. They want experiences, funny and mainly „adding value“ for their travelling. Growing number of those, who live in harmony with nature or believe in ecological life style. Just for these tourits was created a special field of travelling. His name is „ecoutourism.“
Although it might seem, that this is a very specific type of travel (particularly for czech people can be perceived as an edge of attention in tourism, the opposite is true. Many people realize today that „plundering“ nature is bad and are aware, that the resources on this planet are depletable. Therefore, they trying to do something at least in part and ecotourism perceive as a their opportunity.
Ecotourism is also now very well thought out. Ecological tourists in the place where they travel learns to protect the environment and can share these ideas at home. Most providers of ecotourism is also connected in the social dimension. For example, income that tourists spend at holiday destination stay in the region or community and help develop the local community. So it is not receiving multinationals corporations. This is especially beneficial for poor regions such as Asia, but mainly Africa.
Esspecially in african regions is this kind of tourism very responsible, in my opinion. These regions are characterized like a „clean“ and their fauna and flora is untouched. Routine tourism, especially typical for luxury hotels are inconsiderate for evniroment. Their production of waste or comsuptions of water is very highly, for example, and in these regions would have caused irreparable damage. Ecotourism is the exactly opposite. Its mission of ecoutourism is to preserve local sites so that future generations can evaluate its beauty.
In my opinion, ecotourism will play a priority in future trends of tourism. Certainly, this is a good way to eviromental protections."





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