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Essay - National identity - Anglicky

Kategorie: Politologie, Angličtina

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: Ostravská univerzita Přírodovědecká fakulta, Ostrava

Charakteristika: Esej pojednává o vnímání národní identity společností. Rozebírá současné postavení národní identity na světě a predikuje její budoucí důležitost.




"Essay on the topic: National Identity
Author: Vladimír Maryška

The concept of national identity is very abstract and a lot of people perceive it differently. For someone it is issue of heart and very sensitive thing, mostly for conservative people. On the other side is „modern“ people, who perceive national identity like a outdated thing, which is belong to the past. The question is, if we need a national identity and what is it, in my opinion.
Opponents of national identity argue, that national identity is obsolete and atribute of history. Today (in time of peace) is national identity only barrier between nation, in opinion of these opponents. These people are mostly young. Their perception of the world is global. For these people dont exist „physically“ borders of states. Their atributes are liberty, equality and fraternity. It reminds me its leftist and a litlle bit communists speech (but some people say, that these people have a social consience). In many respects it is true. National identity created in time of wars. Mostly in regions, which had not their own suverenity. It was base of theirself. On these base infferend their history, language and even „territories“. Therefore it is called identity. In history and even in the recent past play these atributes very important role of our society.
In my opinion this role was dominant in european region. Fundamentally the whole history of Europe is one big struggle for national identity. American region is in substance the same (civil war). Nowadays, when due to continuous conflict, which resulted in two world wars, the process of forming national identity essentially completed in Europe and North America. Its very interesting, that national identity play a dominant role in USA. These state was forming from immigrants and logically, this case should be inferior, but the situation is exactly the opposite. There are a very nationalist nation on the one side and „globalisation“ nation on the other side at the same time.
Philosophical question of national identity moves to the African continent and unstable areas such as regions of Russia and Asia in my opinion. There is this thing actual, because there are a large number groups, whos was suppressed in history and now comes their „time of history.“"





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