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Měly by mít Spojené státy americké za prezidenta ženu? - esej anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina, Základy společenských věd

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce se snaží odpovědět na otázku, zda by měly mít Spojené státy americké za prezidenta ženu. Popisuje, jak se měnilo postavení žen ve společnosti v průběhu 19. a 20. století. Všímá si předsudků, které proti ženám na vysokých pozicích panují, a zaobírá se výsledky voleb z roku 2008. V poslední části autorka shrnuje vlastní názory na dané téma a dochází k závěru, že Spojené státy jsou připraveny mít prezidenta ženu.


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"Women were subordinated to men for centuries and they didn’t have any political rights. Their duties were to care of children and satisfy needs of their husbands. They usually, with only few exceptions, didn’t hold any higher position or function in social, political and business sphere. This situation has gradually changed during the 19th century. First emancipation movements appeared in that time. The movements grew stronger which resulted, among other things, in an introduction of voting rights for women and an empowerment of their positions in society. Women gradually have become equal to men in the end of 20th century. They occupy leading positions in all spheres of society today. They are very well educated, skilled, manage huge supranational corporations, obtain posts in government, make a lot of money and they are independent of men.

In 1920, women in the United States finally were given the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment. It took 64 years after that for a female to become a candidate for the Vice-Presidency for one of the two major parties. Only in 2008, first woman had real chance to be elected to the presidential office. However, she hasn’t been elected yet. So there is the question – Is United States ready for female president? American society is on very high level of development, it does not build any barriers to electing women to the office, but still no woman has been elected so far. In my view, prejudices may still play a role. Some are for instance: women are too weak and that can cause weakening of U.S. position in international affairs, they have moderate attitude in governance which can result in disruption of America’s world’s military domination, they make a decision based on emotions rather than one based on reason, they have lower resistance to stress and reduced ability to work under pressure etc. All of these quasi arguments are not legitimate. We can find a lot of examples in other countries, where women were or are in the position of real political power (presidents, prime ministers) and handle that very well (Kim Campbell in Canada, Mary Robinson in Ireland, Luly Dilma Rousseff in Brasil, Angela Merkel in Germany and of course Margareth Tatcher in Great Britan and even such countries as India, Pakistan, Burma, Philippines etc.). Margareth Tatcher is very interesting example. In 1970s, nobody could imagine that British people were going to elect a woman as the prime minister and she won three elections in the row. She called her self „Iron Lady“and she was one of the most powerful person in Europe and most likely in the world. She was a strong leader. She even led the war with Argentina for the Falkland Islands. All the quasi arguments mentioned above did not apply for her and others.
In 2006, CNN made a poll about US presidency. They asked 1200 American adults if they think that America is ready for female president. 62% of respondents answered yes. According to Rasmussen reports from 2005 up to 72% of Americans say they would be willing to vote for a woman President. That figure includes 75% of American women and 68% of men. That is the sign that American public is willing to vote for woman."



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