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Pozice technika jakosti v nadnárodní firmě - anglicky

Kategorie: Elektrotechnika, Technické obory - cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

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Charakteristika: Práce v anglickém jazyce v hlavních bodech popisuje místo a úkoly technika jakosti ve výrobní proceduře firmy TDK, produkující elektrotechnické součástky. V úvodní části charakterizuje zaměření a principy výroby společnosti a následně podrobněji sleduje její jednotlivé kroky. Ve druhé polovině práce se autor soustředí na specifikaci pracovní náplně, povinností a pravomocí pozice technika jakosti, kterou ve firmě zastává.


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"The company is being located in north Moravia of Czech republic in 25000 inhabitants town called SUMPERK. The company TDK in its focus follows modern production in powder metallurgy. In bigger detail it means TDK is producing ferrite cores, which are the base of many electronic components having broad usage in many electronic branches.
Among others our products end its journey in such applications as chokes, transformers, capacitors, photovoltaic convertors.
The production of commodity in such a variety and sizes are technologically very demanding. Main inputs besides others is ferrite, manganese, zinc granulates.
Mixture of different oxides mainly ferrite ones, which are edited in necessary parameters to pressable conditions are supplemented by different kind of binders and humidificators.

In pressing step the generally the core is acquiring its shape and density. Following step is sintering, where the core gets hardened and sintered under sintering program which is the most suitable for certain product in matter of obtaining specific electromagnetic properties. After temperature using editing process, next stage depends on specifics of final product. Either it can go to the grinding area to get adjusted electrical properties by grinding of core surface, which are coupled in pairs containing coil to fulfill magnetic expectations. Or, the other direction which is considerable for processing is coating line, where the core (mostly cores of toroid shape) receives coating (isolation layer-epoxid, parylen). After finalizing of these raw production procedures the optical control takes a place. Here we tend to meet IEC requirements for ceramic materials in visual manner. Controlling checkpoints are placed in between production steps to ensure quality as prescribed, on time discovering of deviations.

My working position of quality technician is to make sure, that the quality management is met and followed throughout the production. I am managing partial spectrum of product in production as a supervising position. The responsibility from this statement means to help to solve in discussion with production personnel issues, which are in any way deviated and the need of special system or production changes arises.
Next area of my influence supporting previous statement is auditing of internal processes, which is scheduled by lead auditor for whole bussines year.
Other big area, which is fulfilling my position schedule is claim management. In this task I process the claim from beginning to the end. After receiving the claim, investigation of issue is initiated. This involves other departments representatives to complete result report (8D-report) in the extent which is necessary. The 8D-report is finalized in SAP system and sent to the customer with all analyses and corrective actions.
My duties go across whole company and different negotiations request QA-technician presence. Daily discussions with customers and Customer care dept. are necessary.
Also negotiating of fulfilling corrective actions in promised time frame and extent are tracked by our dept.

Generally our dept. is constantly supporting and assuring of improving of QM-system with prevention actions implemented.
All this come out from an agreement, which is implemented in automotive standard ISO-TS 16949 of which certificate is our company holding."


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