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Brno a Jihlava

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Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje základní informace o Jihlavě a o Brnu, krátce něco z historie a také různé zajímavosti v angličtině.


Jihlava - základní info., historie, památky, kultura, nakupování, sport, slavné osobnosti
Brno - základní info., historie, památky, kultura, průmysl, školy, slavné osobnosti


"Jihlava is seat of Vysočina region. Jihlava is the smallest regional capital in the Czech Republic. Population is about 50 000. Jihlava lies about 35 km north-west from Třebíč. The river Jihlava flows through Jihlava.
Jihlava is industrial town. There is brewery Ježek and a lot of people work in company Bosh.
Town was founded in 13rd century and was king´s town with big fortification. Silver was mined here.
Tourist can visit f.e. the church Sankt Ignac, the gate of God´s mother or the house of Gustav Mahler. The church St. Ignac is in historical centre, the gate of God´s mother is part of town fortification and you can visit in the House of Gustav Mahler some exhibition about live of Gustav Mahler. Gustav Mahler was very famous composer and he lived in Jihlava. Catacombs are the biggest attraction in Jihlava. Catacombs are the second largest in the Czech Republic and there is green corridor. It shines green colour and scientists don´t know why. A lot of animals you can visit in Zoo. There is near from centre. There are f.e. parrots, zebras, tigers and so on. There is very popular African village with goats. It is very interesting for family with children because children can stroke goats. Another attraction for family with children is Water Paradise. There are a lot of pools and water attractions.
If you can see some theatre plays, Horácké theatre is the best for you. You can see comedies or dramas in Horácké theatre. Vysočina fest with a lot of famous singers and groups is going to be in July.
City park is the biggest shopping centre in Jihlava. There are a lot of shops, restaurants and 3D cinema.
Now, something about sport. Ice hockey team HC Dukla Jihlava has a lot of sport fans, but more famous is football team FC Vysočina Jihlava because there plays goalkeeper Jamomír Blažek, which have played for Slavia and Sparta.
A lot of famous people come from Jihlava f.e. actor Ondřej Vetchý.
I have been in Jihlava a few times. I have seen Zoo, catacombs and Masaryk square. I think, Zoo was the best because there are interesting animals.

surrounded – obklíčila
fortress – pevnost
circuit - okruh

Brno is the second biggest town in the Czech Republic and the biggest town in Moravia. Brno is centre of Southmoravia region. Brno has about 400 000 inhabitants. Two rivers flow through Brno: Svratka and Svitava.
Brno has very long history. Brno was founded in 11th century. The most famous battle was in 17th century. Swedish army surrounded Brno. It was in thirty-Years War. Brno wasn´t destroy because
There is a lot of beautiful places to visit. The most famous is the Vila Tugendhat from German architecture Ludwig Miese van der Rohe. The Vila is in functionalist style and it represents modern architecture. The Vila was built in 20th century. The Vila Tugendhat is on the list of UNESCO. The second famous sight is castle and fortress Špilberk. Špilberk was king´s castle. There was very popular prison. There is museum nowadays. Tourists can visit square of Liberty with historical houses, gothic cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and old town hall with crocodile. People say about crocodile: It isn´t crocodile, it is dragon.
There are a lot of museum and galleries f. e. the Technical museum, the Mendel museum, the Moravian gallery or the House of art.
Brno has rich culture programme. There is international festival of fireworks called Ignis brunensis in spring. People can go to Mahen´s or Janáček´s theatre. Multicinema are in shopping centre Olympia and in Velký Špalíček near from square of Liberty. Every year there is MOTO GP at the Masaryk Circuit. It is motorcycle championship."


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