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Cestování - druhy dovolených, destinace, ubytování

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Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje základní informace o dovolených a jaké jsou jejich výhody a nevýhody. Dále se zabývá oblíbenými destinacemi u turistů a také možnostmi, kde se mohou turisté ubytovat.
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Druhy dovolených - např. all inclusive, sightseeing holiday, camping holiday...
Oblíbené země a destinace, kam jet na dovolenou
Ubytování - např. guest houses, tent, hotel ...


"Travelling is very popular in the 20th century and that is why it is so common. People all around the world travel for various reasons: One of them is tourism - especially during holidays. Many people like travelling because it is exciting. Travelling gives you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, meet new people, have a lot of fun and see unusual places.
At the world are many possibilities where you can travel and many different types of holiday.
If you go someplace nearby, and only for one day, this is called a day trip, because you leave and come home in the same day. Many day trips are taken by car, but bus or train can be used too. Are you looking to go someplace warm and sunny? Then you will probably choose to go to the beach or seaside and have a relaxing holiday, sun tanning and swimming. . Would you like to do something active, like hiking or skiing? Then you will want to go to the mountains. People can try many types of holiday. How types of holiday are the most popular?
All – inclusive holiday is very popular nowadays. Price includes flights, transfers, accommodation at a resort, entertainment and all our food and drinks. It is very comfortable because all is in one and you don´t worry and you can enjoy your holiday. Sometimes all – inclusive holiday can be quite expensive.
Package holiday is very popular kind of holiday too. Basically, you pay for your flight, hotel accommodation and airport transport before you leave, and then all you need to worry about when you get to your chosen destination are day – to –day expenses. You buy package holiday in travel agency.
Other popular holiday is sightseeing holiday. It is holiday, where you look at interesting buildings and attractive places. With you go tourist guide and he or she helps you with all and talk about country, which you visit and describe attractive sights. I think, it is safe holiday, because tourist guide help you with all and give you all important information.
If you don´t have much money, you can go to camping holiday. You find accommodation in camping site and here you can set up your tent. Camping holiday is cheap and it is interesting for young people, because they don´t need so much comfort.
Adventure holiday is very popular for young people. They go rafting, bungee – jumping, diving and so on. Young can do something action and dangerous.
Skiing holiday are the most popular holiday in winter. You can stay in a beautiful chalet at the foot of the slopes. In winter resorts you can use cable – car and go to the top of piste.
Other types of holiday are f. e. safari, cruise or hiking holiday.
Now I would like to speak about attractive destination to visit. If you want to go to sea, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Croatia, Greece or Spain are the best for you, because there are nice beaches, sea and interesting countryside. If you want to see some interesting cities and their sights, Paris, London, Vienna, Prague or Berlin are very beautiful.
If you can go to holiday, you have to choose some accommodation. So, where you can stay? Hotels are the best known types of accommodation. Often the quality is ranked by the number of stars, with being the best. Hotels generally offer clean rooms.
Guest houses are houses typically by the seaside. Traditionally families with children stayed f. e. for a week in the summer.
Boarding house is much smaller than hotel. Boarding house is much cheaper than hotel and offer family atmosphere.
Other cheaper accommodation is hostel. It is much uncomfortable than hotel. Service in hostel is very limited.
If you like nature and countryside, you would like to stay in s tent but it is very uncomfortable and you can have problems with mosquitos."



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