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Cestování - maturitní otázka anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka zpracovává téma cestování. Zmiňuje nejčastější důvody, proč lidé cestují. Věnuje se jednotlivým dopravním prostředkům, jejich přednostem i nedostatkům a popisuje stav veřejné dopravy v Praze. Text doplňují vlastní názory autora.


Způsoby cestování
Vodní doprava
Automobily a jejich nevýhody
Další druhy pozemní dopravy
Veřejná doprava v Praze
Jízdní kolo
Letecká doprava


"Land offers the biggest variety of transport. There are cars, motorbikes, busses and street lines trains and bicycles.
The most popular personal vehicles are cars. Actually, don’t even know someone who has a car and uses public transport. I thing, that it is really bad, because cars causes most of traffic jams and smog in cities like Prague. Cars and motorbikes are very expensive, but they give you some kind of freedom. You can go wherever and whenever you want. From my point of view it is the best vehicle for mid-long distances. For example when you want to do to Moravia with your family, it is much cheaper to go by car than pay five tickets for bus, what is not even as fast and comfortable as car. Bad thing about cars is, that you can stuck in traffic jam, but the same can happen to you when you take a long distance bus.
There are also other means of transport like buses, street lines, underground and trains which are used mainly to transport people to longer distances, or to get them to the city. These vehicles don’t cause traffic jams and they are also much frugal to invariant, because they transport a lot of people at once. They have also some kind of priorities, so they don’t stuck in jams and goes on time. My favorite public vehicle is street line and bus. It is comfortable you don’t have to go thousand steps up when you need to change. You just get off from street line and wait for the one you need. Underground is really not my thing, mostly because in morning it is load with people and I feel like sardine in the tin. I take underground when I don’t have any other options, when I am in rush or at Fridays and Saturdays night.
Prague has very got public transport. I heard that according some research Prague has one of the best on the world and best from the Middle East Europe. And I have to agree, they still build new underground stations and buy new street lines and busses. And it is not expensive at all, thirty day ticket costs about three hundreds fifty for students and not bad at all.
The greenest transport of all is bicycle. When I was in Strasburg, I saw, that almost all students ride bikes to school. I guess that is because of European parliament which is in the city, so they want to be a good example for other cities and towns and because of geography of the city which is flat as a table desk.
The last and my favorite mean of transport, is by air. On one hand it is the fastest, according to statistics safest and the most comfort abele transport. I like that all you have to do is go to airport, where they take care about your luggage. When you enter the plane a nice girl smile at you, wish you nice trip and tell you where to sit. Then before departure they do that thing with showing emergency exits so it is also very entertaining. During the flight they give you dink and whatever food they have. And when you get lucky and you will not be sitting next to beefy American it can be really pleasant experience. But on the other hand it is still more expensive than other ways of transport, and there will be always the threat of terrorist attack or engine failure."



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