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Country life, city life

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Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Práce vhodná především ke školní maturitě z AJ, která zpracovává téma country life a city life. Zaměřuje se především na rozdíly mezi venkovem a městem a vyjmenovává jejich hlavní výhody a nevýhody.


Autorův názor


"Villages are very peaceful places, where people live in unity with nature. Living there is very popular at present. People from the city move their houses to the country, because there is a beautiful nature, air is fresh and it is quiet there, so it is very good for your health. You are close to nature and it´s good for families with children, because their children have a wonderful childhood full of experiences.
There is friendly atmosphere, because people know each other. People are very helpful there but there is a big problem with gossips because almost everybody envy to the other. You haven’t got so much privacy and it can be problem time to time. On the other side it´s an advantage because nobody can rob your house for example.
In the country there aren’t lots of opportunities for culture life. The only chance for culture is pub or football match, where the whole village usually is. Time to time there are trips to the theatre, which are organized by local senior club. Great importance has fun fair. It´s traditional event joined with music, delicious food and roundabouts. Very important are clubs, because they organized social events like Krmáš or dancing.
It is very difficult to find a job there. Mostly in the smallest villages there is almost no chance to find it. You can work in local shop, in the pub, in the school or for local authority. It is really big advantage to live close to the big city, where isn´t that big problem to find a job.
Quite big problem is with doing shopping there, because there aren’t big supermarkets or hypermarkets. For example, in Metylovice there are only two small shops. It is very expensive to doing shopping there and there is no range of goods to choice from. What is more in some villages there is no shop. Time to time come there mobile shop with milk, bread and vegetable. I think that it is very serious thing, because it´s disadvantageous mainly for old people who haven´t got a car.
In my opinion the most serious problem is with transport. That´s the reason, why people living in the country usually have a car. Busses pass through the village only three or four times a day and it isn’t enough. Situation is worst for old sick people who have to visit doctors and can´t wait for a bus for long hours.
It´s ideal place for having an animal, because people live in family houses usually. It´s much better for animals, because they need living space. You have more space due to this you can keep quite big animals likes sheep, cows, big dogs horses etc.

Cities are bigger than villages, so they are much noisier and also more polluted than villages. Air is contaminated because of exhaust fumes which are given by cars. Streets are full of litter and you can´t found green anywhere. If you go to the park you have to be careful because of dos´ poops or injections.
People live there in anonymity, because they rarely know each other. They usually live in apartment buildings so it´s very hard to make relationships. You meet your neighbor only few times a month in the elevator and you have nothing to talk about. People in the cities are often more nervous, busy and unfriendly. It´s because of the lifestyle in the city. In the city there are problems with high criminality, drugs and alcohol. A big city is a home for every kind of a criminal element, beginning with shoplifters and ending with murderers and drug dealers particularly.
On the other side living in the city has lots of advantages. Culture life is really amply there. There are concerts of famous singers or groups; you can go to the theatre, visit cinema, musical or just go for lunch to the restaurant. Almost every town has its own cinemas, where people go for amusement in their free time. On the other hand not every town has a theatre. When we wish to attend a theatre performance, we usually have to travel to one of the bigger regional towns. You have many sport possibilities, because in the city there are gyms, swimming pools or multipurpose halls where you can do ice skate or play hockey. But there is little bit problem- Entertainment isn´t free.
In the city you have many job possibilities, because there are seats of big companies, shops, restaurants etc. so you can choose job ideal for you. You can find a job there more easily than people in the country. After all, a job opportunity is one of the most important reasons why to move to the town."





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