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Den díkůvzdání - anglicky

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Charakteristika: Tato práce se zabývá Dnem díkůvzdání. Nejdříve uvádí jeho historii, poté popisuje večeři servírovanou v tento den. Informuje o tradiční krůtě, i dalších připravovaných pochutinách.


Thanksgiving Day - Introduction
Thanksgiving dinner
The turkeys
Other commonly served dishes


"Thanksgiving Day is a traditional North American holiday, celebrated every second Monday of October in Canada and every fourth Thursday of November in the USA. This feast has a very long tradition AND IT IS BASED ON THE MYTHS!!

The history goes back to 1621 when the first American Thanksgiving was celebrated, to commemorate the harvest reaped by the Plymouth Colony. Plymouth Colony was a settlement made by the Pilgrims on the coast of Massachusetts in 1620. Pilgrim Fathers was a group of Puritan separatists from Britain who had to left their home to protect their religion, because they viewed Great Britain as an un-Godly and bad state. At first (1610) they had run off to the Netherlands, but after ten years they realized, it was better idea to escape to another continent - America. Their most famous ship was called “Mayflower”.

Days of thanksgiving were celebrated regularly for years (at the beginning with the local Wampanoag Indians, who helped the Pilgrims with the production of corn). George Washington was the first president to declare the holiday in 1789. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln got out his “Thanksgiving Proclamation”, declaring the last Thursday in November a day of thanksgiving.

Nowadays, the aim of this holiday is to be thankful for what we have and for the bounty of the previous year. The period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is called “holiday season”. Most Americans celebrate this season by gathering at home with the whole family.

The best known habit is the Thanksgiving dinner. This day, people serve specific kinds of dishes and because of the amount of food, the meal is sometimes served in the early afternoon. The majority of the dishes are made from native American cuisine, according to tradition that the Pilgrims received these foods from American Indians.

The most famous main dish is the turkey (Thanksgiving Day is sometimes called Turkey Day). The serving of the turkey has long tradition. Because the Pilgrims hadn’t enough of good utensils, they had sliced the meat only with one knife and then ate it with their hands. Nowadays people do it in the same way. The turkeys are stuffed with a stuffing, roasted and eaten with cranberry sauce or gravy (a kind of sauce). Sometimes, a Turducken is served (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken). One fifth (about 50 million) of total turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving!

Other commonly served dishes are sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, scrawled “deviled” eggs, green beans, peas and carrots, a Waldorf salad (a mixture of sliced apple, celery, chopped nuts and mayonnaise) and for desert there are various pies like pecan pie (made of corn syrup and pecan nuts), apple pie, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie or mincemeat pie (mixture of dried fruit, distilled spirits and beef)

As a beverage people serve mostly an Apple cider, wine or some cocktails.

Thanksgiving dinner is quite similar to Christmas Eve’s dinner."



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