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Drogy - anglicky

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Charakteristika: Tato maturitní otázka seznamuje s kouřením a drogami jako největší hrozbou dnešních mladých lidí, ale i celosvětové populace. Po krátkém obecném úvodu se věnuje užití, vlastnostem a největším nebezpečím u jednotlivých typů drog. Anglický text doprovází neumělý český překlad.


Smoking and drugs
Cocaine, crack, rock, freebase
Český překlad otázky


An important health issue for many young people is smoking. Millions of teenagers know it’s bad for them, but they still do it. Why? Some say it relaxes them when they are nervous. Others like the taste. Many say it’s a habit and they can’t stop it now.
For tobacco companies cigarettes mean profit, for doctor and health organizations they mean disease. The two sides are fighting a very expensive battle. About 100 million people around the world work in tobacco industry. Cigarette-smoking kills 2.5million people every year. Many of them die of lung cancer. Some aren’t smokers.
100 billion dollars are made from cigarettes alone every year. An American tobacco company developed a healthy cigarette in the ‘70s. It was never sold.
The first smokers were American Indians. Tobacco was brought to Europe by an Englishman, Sir Walter Raleigh, in the sixteenth century.
The world is having a drug crisis. There are more young addicts today than ever before. There are three main kinds of drug – hard, soft and legal. They can all cause addiction, illness and even death. Hard drugs include heroin and cocaine, soft include marijuana and solvents, such as glue, and legal legal drugs include tobacco, alcohol and certain tablets.
Drugs are the second biggest business in the world. Only arms business is bigger. The most important drug-growing areas are Latin America and South-East Asia. People there depend on the money made from their drug crops.
Thousands of drug-addicts die every year. Some die from drugs themselves. Others die form AIDS because they use dirty needles or share needles.

Marijuana is one of the drugs quite easy to get. However drug researches agree that marijuana can be addictive and affects its users mentally, emotionally and physically. It is made from dried leaves and flowering tops of the marijuana plant.
Marijuana is smoked in a variety of ways, most common in its hand rolled cigarette form. It is also smoked in various pipes. The smoke of marijuana has a sweet odour similar to burnt rope. The smokers have red eyes and often use eye-drops cover it up. They look like drunkards, they laugh excessively or are in a state of apathy. Regular smokers have yellowish stains on their finger tips from holding the cigarettes.
Marijuana affects thinking, learning abilities, it can also produce panic, anxiety and toxic psychosis. The smoke of marijuana is fifty percent more harmful for the lungs than the smoking of common tobacco. Marijuana smoking decreases testosterone (the major male hormone) and fertility. Marijuana delays a person’s response to sights and sounds, so drivers under its influence have a very poor sense of judgement and ability to think and solve problems.
The greatest danger of marijuana is that it is the gateway to further illegal drug usage.

Heroin is the most dangerous and addictive narcotic. It is not only extremely addictive, but as with other drugs, addicts often commit crimes in order to support their needs. Heroin, sometimes called black tar, mud, China white or Mexican brown, is derived from opium poppies. In its powder form, it may range in color from white to a very dark brown. It can be injected, inhaled through the nose or smoked.
Under the influence of heroin, one may have constricted pupils, droopy eyelids, depression, apathy and decreased physical activity. A frequent user may often sleepy and repeatedly scratch or touch his face and nose.
An overdose can cause slow and shallow breathing, clammy skin convulsions come or death..."





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