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Eutanázie - esej anglicky

Kategorie: Sociologie, Humanitní cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Eseje

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Práce shrnuje argumenty pro a proti eutanázii. V závěru autor k dané problematice vyjadřuje vlastní názor. Esej pracuje s případem doktora Kevorkiana, aby poukázal na problematiku dané situace.


What is euthanasia
Pros and cons
Economical point of wiev
Society pressure
Hippocratic Oath
It is morally acceptable?


“Euthanasia is a practice of having medically assisted death. It is only legal in Belgium, Netherlands and Oregon. It used to be legal in Northern Territory but at present time, no Australian state legalises it.
The term euthanasia comes from the Greek words “eu” and “thanatos” which combined means “well death” or "dying well".
One of the main reasons that people emphasize to have euthanasia legalized is that choice is a fundamental principle for liberal democracies and free market systems, therefore everyone should have the right whether to live or not.
Also the pain and suffering a person feels during a disease, even with pain killers, can be incomprehensible to a person who has not gone through it. And the pain is in my opinion the main reason why people decide to commit suicide, and in these cases euthanasia is very helpful, because Kevorkian invented a ”suicide machine” which Kevorkian’s patients switched on themselves and it caused the flow of carbon monoxide or intravenous chemicals into their bodies (it caused their death).
From economical point of view there is a shortage of hospital beds in many countries. The energy of doctors and hospital beds could be used for people whose lives could be saved instead of continuing the life of those who want to die which increases the general quality of care.
And for example the pressure that society makes by discussing it’s legality can lead people who don’t want to die to use risky and painful methods, such as hanging. The question is how to deal with people who want to die because of their pain and because they have incurable disease, but they are immobile and therefore can’t commit suicide. Is this the case where the doctor should “assist their suicide”?"


Obsahuje fotografii doktora Kevorkiana.



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