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Film, hudba a divadlo - anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium Evolution, s.r.o., Praha 2

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny na téma film, hudba a divadlo nejprve sleduje vývoj filmu po dnešní dobu a poté se přesunuje k hudbě a jejímu významu. Nakonec se autorka zmiňuje o divadle a svém vztahu k němu. Otázku doprovází slovní zásoba k tématu.





 The film was invented by Lumiere brothers in 1895 (nineteen century). Their first record was crowd, which is coming out from fabric. First record was black and white and silent. The first film with a real plot (děj) was a western, which was 10 minutes long.
The first real cinema building was in Paris in 1897. The most important actors were Charlie Chaplin; today we can see colour and sound film. It depends on TV set but almost everybody has a colour TV.
Who makes a film? The film is teamwork. There work directors, cameramen, screen, writers, producents and others.
Every year there are many new films and we can see film on different film festivals, for example in Cannes, Berlin and in Karlovy Vary. The best films can get some prices, for example Oscar.
Oscars are awarded for the best acting, direction, music, costumes and so on.
Nowadays the film is a sort of entertainment and art. It is produced a lot of genres such as SCI-FI, comedies, dramatic, or romantic films, very popular are thrillers and action films.
The cinemas are not full of people now days because the tickets are extremely expensive. A lot of people prefer watching videos on computers because it is more comfortable.


Music is a group of sounds which are harmonic. Music is very important for many people. Listening to the music improves (zlepšuje) our fantasy and our inner (vnitřní) world. I think that there is not anyone in the world who hates music. Every time period has its own music style.
For me music is very important part of my life. I listen to the music every day. The first thing that I do when I wake up is that I switch the radio.
The music goes with you from beginning of your life until your death. Music is played in many actions. Music is everywhere, on wedding, funeral (pohřeb), graduation, birth and christening (křest). Or in official celebrations like victory (vítězství), state holidays, political events.
You listen to music on the ground of (z duvodu) relaxation and entertainment.


The most of all I love theatre. My Favourite play is “Servant of two masters”, which write Carlo Goldoni. This play I saw million times. Every winter I go to the theatre with my friends, I love this atmosphere. The most famous theatre is National theatre in Prague. I like theatre ABC and Theatre V Dlouhé. National theatre was destroyed by fire in nineteen century and every people paid repair."





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