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Fotbal - historie a pravidla anglicky

Kategorie: Tělesná výchova - sportovní činnosti, Humanitní cizojazyčné práce

Typ práce: Seminárky/referáty

Škola: Vysoká škola tělesné výchovy a sportu PALESTRA, spol. s r.o., Praha 19 - Kbely

Charakteristika: Text velmi stručně informuje o fotbalu. Popisuje pravidla a obsah hry, včetně složení týmu. Seznamuje s historií tohoto sportu ve světě. Zvláštní pozornost je věnována historii fotbalu v ČR.


The first English club and International football authorities (FIFA)
Fotball in Czech Republic


"Football, the mad king of sport, has no sense. It is not sport, but theater. Players stagger across the grass, shouting at each other and the referee and beat the opponents. This definition is used by the opponents of football. In fact it is ballgame, whose main objective is to score a rival goal.
Each team has 11 players. Gate guards goalkeeper and tries to catch a shot from your opponents. As the only player on the football field for the game to catch the ball in the hands. Before him play defenders, who had help in his task. Followed by the half-backs and the attackers, who should ensure that the opponent's goal scoring gate.
The match is played on a half-2x45 minutes.
Although football was in the 19 century in England, but such games have existed in antique Greece and Rome, where he played with a stuffed ball, which is called sfaira, but even then a ball filled with air. The date and place where the ball first appeared, may never fail. It is estimated however, that such a representation of the ball in the temple in the ancient Egyptian fair four millennia. In China, the 4th and 3rd century BC, like football games called su-chu. Kicked the ball into the animal skin. The play started by soldiers, but soon spread to ordinary people. In Italy during the Renaissance played a game Calcio. Matches took place primarily during the carnival. Even then, the stands were built for the most esteemed audience. Common people watched the fight from the windows of palaces, stairways or streets. They played with stuffed ball. Actors were allowed to dig into it, place his fist, but was not allowed to carry the ball. Initially there were no current goal was therefore to deliver the ball into the opponent's back line. On each side played twenty to forty members of the team, and later frequently pegged the number of twenty-seven: three goalies standing across the back line, four defenders, five midfielders and fifteen assailants. Main referee had eight helpers.
The first English club Sheffield Football Club was founded in 1863.
International football authorities (FIFA) has been operational since 1904 and since 1908 an official Olympic sport football.
Separate Czech Republic has a short history, but the former Czechoslovakia could boast a rich and successful history. "


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