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Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka health je psána v anglickém jazyce. Obsahuje základní dělení nemocí a doktorů, prevence a jiné.




"Our health is possibly the most important thing in our life, so we have to take good care about it. If we want to be healthy we are invited by GP (it means general practitioner) on having regular check.
We visit a doctor when we feel ill or if we have any health problem. Medical care isn´t free. We have to pay 30 crowns charge, but not children to 18 years.

We know several kinds of doctors: a general practitioner, a dentist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist…Now I´ll describe how does it look like at the doctor. First of all we enter to the waiting room. Then the nurse says "next, please". She wants to see our insurance card (karta pojištěnce). Doctor asks what the trouble is. He checks my eyes, ears, mouth. He can also check our blood pressure (tlak) or take our blood. Doctor usually prescribes some medicine for us - pills, antibiotics, eye drops, sleeping pill... Then we go to the chemist´s and buy the medicine.

Now I´d like tell something about the flu. The main symptoms of flu are headache, sore throat and high temperature. If you don´t visit a doctor you should stay in the bed and take an aspirin, check your temperature and drink a hot tea with a lemon and a honey. If you temperature is very high, you have to call a doctor.
Dentists may check our teeth and sometimes put out or drill them. However many people are afraid of dentists and I don´t know why. I love visiting dentist.

Children suffer from illnesses such as measles (spalničky), chicken pox (plané neštovice), mumps (příušnice), otitis (zánět stř.ucha). And we adult usually suffer from cold, flu, angina, stomachache, headache, toothache etc. But the situation may be more serious and needs special treatment (léčba) in the hospital, for example a heart attack (infarkt), a stroke (mrtvice), a leukemia.
There are diseases which still cannot be treat (léčit) as a cancer (rakovina) or AIDS.
It´s true that prevention is better than a cure - so it´s very important and necessary.

In some situations, injuries may happen. We can injure ourselves while doing sports. We should be very careful and in some sports we must use helmets and protectors. Lots of injuries happen at home. We can cut our fingers or hand, break our legs or arms ets. When we fall and hit our head, we can have a concussion.

How can we get fit? We should exercise. It´s also important to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and drink 2 litres of water a day. We should sleep enough and spend a lot of time outdoors - it´s better than sitting for a longtime at the computer or watching TV. And of course we should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, stress and drugs.
A good form of prevention is a visit to a spa. Spas are visited not only by sick people, but by healthy ones. Your body gets a chance to rest and pick up fresh energy.

Allergies – We can be allergic to animals, dust, sun, flowers etc. We have skin rash, red eyes or sneeze. Allergic people must take pills."





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