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Ideal way of spending holiday

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Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka vhodná hlavně pro školní maturitu z AJ, ale je vhodná také pro přípravu referátu, nebo slohové práce. Jedná se o poměrně subjektivní popis, který je vhodný spíše pro inspiraci a který pojednává o ideálním způsobu jak strávit prázdniny.


Ideal holiday
Exotic holiday


"There are people who like traveling and the other ones who hate it, because it can be very tiring and unpleasant and it takes lot of time in our life. I am that kind person who loves it. Thanks to my grandparents I have seen lots of different countries. When I was very young we traveled through the Czech Republic. One or two times per year we spend one week or just weekend elsewhere in our country. When I was older we visited countries as Spain or Tunisia. It very enriched me but the best holidays were with my mother in Croatia.
I love Croatia very much. You have no problem with language; it is quite close to Czech Republic so you have no problem with transporting. There is a beautiful nature: you found there everything- mountains, sea, forests, rivers etc. And mainly accommodation is cheap what is very important for students as me.
The Adriatic Sea is the most beautiful sea which I have ever seen. There is a very live marine life. I am that person who loves fishing or scuba diving. When I was younger I spend the whole day with diving goggles and snorkel. It didn’t change a lot. I like seafood so I always hunt for example crab and then cook it. In Croatia there are a lot of people but you can still find lonely beach where you are alone. It is much better than crease with the other people on one huge beach where no shadow is.
People are there very friendly. There are small bars along the beach. You can spend the whole evening with drinking beer or cocktails. There is usually served seafood which tastes delicious with white wine.

My ideal holiday due to this should be in Croatia. I would like to spend it with my family or friends. When I was young we were in Poreč, Baška and Omiš. I would choose one of those places because I already know them. It is no problem to get to Croatia by a car or a bus and it is very cheap and there isn’t lots of airport, that´s that reason why I would travel by car or a bus. It is magic when you travel with big group of people and there is someone with guitar in the bus. I prefer living in the tent, caravan or cottage. I don’t like hotels very much because there are lots of people. If you live in tent, caravan or cottage, you can come back when you want, eat when you want. It is just more privacy. There shouldn’t be air condition because I was sick because of it last year. It can be problem when you change very often temperature because your body isn’t used to that big changes. I prefer cooking on your own to HB (half board) or FB (full board). If you have ensured food it is just the other duty. It is nice to spend a week on “summer food” as spaghetti with ketchup or Chinas soups. If the weather is hot you aren’t very hungry and you don’t have to eat very much. I like sunbathing but time to time it is quite boring because of it I always get two or three books for a holiday. Then it is no problem for me to spend the whole day on the beach. If I travel with my friends the holiday is more active than with my parents. There is no possibility for sunbathing or sleeping. We fishing, make trips, play volley- ball play games or ride a bike. It is better than holiday with parents because you are freer.

Other possibility how to spend my holiday is an exotic holiday. I would like to visit Russia or Romania. I am planning to visit Romania this year after graduation with my boyfriend. When I was young, I red Dracula by Brian Stocker. It was a beautiful book where nature was describe in details. There are huge mountains, wild animals and nature is untouched by a human. I would like to visit there delta of Danube and mountains. We will sleep in tent or in a car which is modified for sleeping. Cooking is no problem if you have a cooker and enough of tins. I´m sure that my mother will be afraid because it is still dangerous country due to wild animals. On the other hand I heard that people are very friendly there. On way I would like to visit Budapest. It is a beautiful historical city where are hundreds of sights."





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