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Charakteristika: Práce stručně v bodech charakterizuje Irsko. Popisuje přírodu, politiku, historii či ekonomiku země.




• The ACT OF UNION – it joined the Irish Parliament to the Parliament of Great Britain where no Catholics were allowed to sit.
• This was achieved mostly thanks to Daniel O´Connell - the „uncrowned King of Ireland“.

• Great Famine hit Ireland
• It lasted for four years
• The population was reduced from over 8 million to about 4.5 million (due to starvation, deseases and mass emigration)

Sinn Féin movement
• It started in Ireland in 1899
• It means „We Ourselves“
• At first they supported passive resistance to British rule
• Later it organized an army called IRA – Irish Republican Army – radicals responsible for various bomb attacks

• IRA organised a rebellion in Dublin on EASTER MONDAY
• They proclaimed the Irish Republic
• The rebels surrendered at the end and leaders were executed.

Gaining independence
• In 1921 – a treaty giving Ireland dominion status was signed.
• In 1922 – the Irish Free State consisting of 26 Catholic counties came into existence as well as Northern Ireland consisting of 6 Protestant counties of Ulster.

Population and languages
• The population is about 4.5 million people
• They speak two languages : English and Irish Gaeli

Political systém
• It´s a parliamentary democractic constitutional republic
• The head of the state is the President – elected for 7 years (directly by people)
• He is advised by a Council of State
• He appoints members of the Government
• The Government is responsible the the House of Representatives. HR + Senate form the National Parliament.

National flag
• It´s a tricolor with vertical stripes of green, white and orange
• Green – symbolizes the Emerald Isle and the Catholic majority
• White – expresses the need for peace and understanding between Catholics and Protestants
• Orange – the colour of Protestants

• Primarily agricultural country (beef, dairy products)
• Irish is famous for its Irish linen, whisky and beer
• Important areas are also light engineering, synthetic fabrics and electronics.
• Tourism is also very important.

Traditional Irish music
• Molly Malone – the unofficial Dublin anthem"



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