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Jídlo - anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium Evolution, s.r.o. GYMNASIUM JIŽNÍ MĚSTO, s. r. o., Praha 4

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny na téma jídlo se po obecném úvodu o významu jídla přesunuje k typické podobě snídaně, oběda a večeře ve Spojeném království, Spojených státech a České republice. Práce je doplněna rozsáhlou slovní zásobou.




"1. Úvod
Food is really important for our body. Without food and nutrition we would die. Without food there would be no life. We need food because it gives us energy. Food provides (poskytuje) important elements (prvky) and vitamins for our body. Everybody should take care of a (pozorovat) healthy nutrition (zdravou výživu) and they will have also the right way of living. Some People take care (starat se) of what they eat, some people do not. People going on slimming diet should cut down on some fat and sugar, not eat fast. Very important is also to control everything, especially eating habits (stravovací návyky).
Now let me say something about board of GB, USA and CR.

2. Breakfast:
GB: They usually drink a cup of tea or coffee + glass of juice. The most favorite breakfast is ham and eggs or bacon + sausages. A plate of porridge (talíř kaše), a toast with butter and marmalade or cheese is also really popular.
CR: People drink a cup of tea, a glass of cocoa, coffee. They prepare usually a piece of bread or a roll (rohlík) and this eat with butter, cheese, salami and marmalade.
USA: Americans like to eat corn flakes and they have some special cookies. For example, the most popular are muffins, bagels, and buns (buchty). They usually eat sandwiches with peanut butter (arašídové máslo). Americans have also waffles on a breakfast table. They drink the same as in Europe, but special is their orange juice or hot chocolate

3. Lunch:
GB: In GB people eat some kind of soup - either thick or clear (silný nebo čirý) with sandwiches. Sandwiches consist of salami, cheese and vegetables salad. They also eat in fast food restaurants; the favourite food is fish and chips .. When British wake up later, especially on weekends, they don’t have breakfast or lunch, but they have something like brunch. During afternoon they have snack.
CR: For Czech people is lunch the largest meal during the day, but in GB or USA is not the largest one, the largest meal is called dinner there. We usually have three-courses (tři chody). We start with soup. It’s the main of all lunch. We eat many kinds of food. For example pasta, potatoes, fries, dumplings, spaghetti etc…
The typical Czech meal is called roast pork, dumplings and cabbage. We like to drink a glass of beer or some kinds of lemonade.
USA: Americans drink coke, soda, lemonade, coffee. They have lunch in fast food restaurants. They eat fries or hamburgers with majoneza or mustard (hořčice) or ketchup with lettuce. It isn’t important to have big lunch for Americans.

4. Dinner:
GB: For Britain’s the dinner is the main meal of the day. They have 4 or 5 courses (soup, some meat with supplements (příloha) and also with vegetables, sweet dessert, last one is sometimes sandwiches)
In Scotland and North of England people have something what is called high tea. They eat fish, eggs, ham, sausages with homemade bread.
CR: We take something cold, hot or warm, like breakfast, but it is large. We make potatoes cake.
USA: There are many types of cuisine like Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and French. They usually buy semi-finished meals they get it to microwave"





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