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Kulturní život

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Obchodní akademie Dr. Albína Bráfa, Hotelová škola a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Třebíč, Třebíč

Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje pár informací o kulturním životě, především kina, divadla a hudební festivaly a jejich výhody a nevýhody.


hudba, hudební festivaly, koncerty
Muzea, galerie


"Culture is all around us. You can go to the cinema, theatre, museum, gallery, exhibition, music concert or to the music festival.
Cinema is a place, where are films shown on a screen. Nowadays there are a lot of cinemas. The biggest are in Prague or in Brno. If you go to the cinema, you must buy a ticket. Then you can buy some popcorn or drink. You can watch a lot of types of films in the cinema f. e. comedies, action films, scifi, fantasy films, romantic films or horrors. In our country, films made in English may have subtitles. It is a written translation at the bottom of the screen. Mostly they are dubbed. The English is replaced by actors speaking in the words in our language. Sometime you can see film in 3D. It is funnier than normal films because you get special glasses and you have feeling that you are in film so you are not just viewer. The person who makes the film is the director. Steven Spilberg, Woody Allen or Miloš Forman are very famous film directors. People in the film are actors. Famous actors are often called film stars. My favourite film stars are f. e. Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. I like going to the cinema because there is a lot of fun. I go to the cinema about twice or three times for a year because cinema in the Czech Republic is very expensive. I prefer watching films at home in TV because it is cheap but sometimes I must wait very long than film is in TV. My favourite types of films are comedies, romantic films and fantasy films.
A lot of people like going to the theatre because they think, it is more interesting than film in the cinema. A play is very different from a film. A plays is more emotional than film. A film relies more on camera angles and special effects but a play usually happens at one precise moment and play you can see ,,live´´. In the theatre you can see a lot of types of performances f. e. pantomimes, operas, musicals, ballet, comedy, tragic drama, revues or cabaret . Plays from English writer William Shakespeare are ones of the most popular plays in the world. Sometimes there are some concerts of classical music. When you can go to the theatre you must buy ticket. You usually reserve tickets in advance. If you go to the theatre, you need some elegant and nice clothes. If you are in the theatre, you can put off your coat and go to theatre hall. You find your seat and wait when a play begins. If a play finish and you are satisfied with a play, you can clap on hands. I like going to the theatre but I am not going to the theatre often because it is for me very expensive.
If you like music, you can go to the concerts or to the music festival. In our country, there are a lot of types of concerts and music festivals. You can go to rock, pop, jazz, hip – hop or classical concert. The concerts take place in big concert hall, theatre or in small clubs. I was in concert of Mandrage, Argema, Petr Bende and Iné Kafé. I would like to be at Tomáš Klus concerts. He is Czech singer and I like his music. Now something about festivals. Festivals usually take place in summer in the open air because it is very big event and there are a lot of people. The festival is different as concerts. The festival usually last one or two days and there sing a lot of music groups. The most popular festivals in the Czech Republic are Rock for People, České hrady, Masters of rock, Colours of Ostrava or Benátská noc. I was in festival twice. I was with my friend in Šatlava fest in Přibyslav two years ago and I was with my friends and boyfriend in Vrabčák fest in Moravský Krumlov last year. I like festivals. In my opinion, there is amazing atmosphere but it can be sometimes very expensive.
If you don´t like music, you can go to some exhibitions and to the gallery or museum. I like art and history so I like going to museum or to gallery. In our country, there are a lot of types of museums f. e. technical, art, nature, chocolate, Jewish and so on. The best museums, which I saw, were in London and in Paris. I was in London four year ago and I saw Museum Madame Tussauds with wax figures and it was amazing and very interesting. When I was in Paris last year, I was in Louvre. This is so big museum. I never see something similar. There are a lot of collections of art from antic Greece and Rome, from Chinese, Italy, Africa and so on. Louvre is very popular in the world, because there you can see picture called Mona Lisa from painter Leonardo da Vinci."



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