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Leisure time activities

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Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Práce vhodná především ke školní maturitě z anglického jazyka na téma leisure time activities, ale dá se využít i při státní maturitě. Může sloužit také jako inspirace pro psaní slohové práce.


Importance of hobbies
Leisure time activities of young people
Differences among activities of women and men
Hobbies of my family
My hobbies


"Hobbies are very important, I think. After hard day at school or at work they are a great relaxation. They are very important for peace of your mind. People without hobbies can be in troubles. They are asocial, they can have psychical problems and they are bored.

There are differences among activities of men and women as well as in case of children and adults.
Young people spend hours on social networks like facebook, twiter etc. It is quite big problem, because they have problem with eye to eye communication. They don’t go out with their friends, but they are in front of their computers and chat. Problem with young people is much bigger in the large cities, because they have much more opportunities for doing something bad. There are problem with drugs and alcohol. On the other hand there are young ones who have lots of hobbies. They are interested in sports, music, arts and dance.
Women are more culturally based on than men. They like going to cinemas or theatres. Theatre is an occasion for them to put on something nice and spending time with their friends. I think that it isn’t truth that women love only romantic movies. I know lots of women who are interested in horror genre. Women like spending time with their friends as well as men, but women usually talk about serious things. For men fun is more important than subject of talking. They like doing sports as well. I think that the most popular sports of theirs are: tennis, squash, volleyball or gymnastics. I think that women prefer doing sports to watching it (it is boring for us).
Men like going to the pub very much, because there they can meet their friends, watch football matches or just talk. They like sports very much. The most popular is football, but Czech men aren’t good football players. They like traveling much. They like adventurous holidays as well as relaxing ones. They love food, due to this they are excellent cook. They are lazy for cooking every day so they cook very rarely .

My family doesn´t spend much time together, because my parents are divorced and very busy. I see my father once or twice a month when we go to the cinema together. In autumn we seek mushrooms and take walks. I like time which I spend with him very much, because it is rare for me.
At home we have time to time film´s nights. We choose a film, make popcorn and watch it. It is nice to be together as a family sometimes.
My mother works a lot, but she has always time for reading. She loves reading. She has read about a thousand books. Her favorite writer is Stephen King as well as mine. She is a gifted musician as well. She plays the piano. In the past she played much more, but at present she has the other hobbies. She spends lots of time in the garden. We have a small vegetable garden where she cultivates tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and zucchini. She would like to keep bees, because honey is very healthy and it is quite expensive to buy it.
My brother is into cooking. He prefers Italian and Japanese cuisine to the other ones. He likes Japanese culture and language. He would like to study it in the university. He plays computer games with his friends very often. They spend the whole day in some house and play games via internet. He is interested in history I thing. When he was younger he read books about Second World War, he talked about them with our grandpa so he learnt a lot."





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