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Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka vhodná pro státní i školní maturitu z anglického jazyka na téma Londýn. Je psána anglicky a naleznete zde vše potřebné pro úspěšné složení vaší maturitní zkoušky.


Importance of London
Regions of London
Important buildings in London
Parks in London


"London is the capital city of the U.K It´s one of the biggest and the most cosmopolitan cities in the Word. I is political and business centre too. There live about 10 million people. It´s a beautiful city with rich history. London is situated on the Themes in England. It´s also the capital city of England.
It has been the capital city of the Great Britain for centuries. It was founded in 43 AD by Romains and it was called Londonium. There are 2 very important historical events: the first is The great plague in
1665, when lots of people died.

The second one is The Great
fire in 1666, when a big part of
city was destroyed by fire.
Also during the second World War ,big part of London was destroyed by bombs.

In London there are some airports. For example Heathrow or London city airport. You can also travel by UNDERGROUND- it´s actually tube. There are black taxis called CABS. But the most famous are DOUBLE-DECKERS- red busses with two floors.

London has three regions:
1) The oldest part of London is the CITY. There you can see St. Paul cathedral (built by Christopher Wren) inside there is the Whispering gallery.
The Tower is the oldest monument in London. It was built by William the conqueror in eleventh century. It was a royal palace, prison, ZOO. Now it´s a museum, where are crown jewels guarded.
The Bank of England is the oldest bank in Britain
The Tower bridge was built in nineteenth century in neogotic style. It can be opened in the middle , when the big ship wants to go to the centre
2) The second part of London is the WEST-MINSTER. In this part is the Westminster Abbey- it´s very old cathedral from eleventh century. It´s place of coronation of British kings and queens. Inside, there is the Poet´s corner, where are famous people buried.
Near the Westminster Abbey there are the Houses of Parliament. The Houses of parliament has two parts: the House of Lords and the House of commons.
If you cross the river and the Westminster bridge, you can see the London Eye. Ride takes 30 minutes and you can see the whole London.
The Buckingham palace is the official seat of British royal family. Outside The Buckingham Palace you can see changes of guards. In front of the Palace there is the Victoria queen monument
3) The third part is THE WEST-END. There is the Trafalgar square. In the centre of this square there is The Nelson column.
We can also visit the National Gallery, where is a big collection of European paintings.
Behind the National Gallery there is the National Portrait gallery.
The British museum is one of the largest museums in the world. There are artifacts from Egypt, China…
If you like biology you can visit The Natural history Museum, there is a huge collection of dinosaurs, skeletons…
In The Baker street there is the Sherlock Holmes museum
Dawning street is the official seat of Prime minister
The Greenwich is observatory and there is Zero meridian.

New buildings in London:
1) The Millennium Dome is the most expensive building in the world
2) The Millennium bridge"





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