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Charakteristika: Vypracovaná otázka na téma Londýn uvádí základní informace o městě, jeho historii a infrastruktuře. Nakonec předkládá několik zajímavých míst, o kterých byste se měli u maturity zmínit.


Sights and parks
London’s Environs


"Intro: London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom London is located in south-eastern England on the River Thames It is the 9th largest city in the world with the population of about 9 mil people (with suburbs) There is centres of arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, tourism and transport
Transport: London has 5 airports – the most well-known are Heathrow (the largest one) and Gatwiwick The London Underground, or tube, is the world’s first underground railway for passengers, beginning service in 1863 The city’s bus line is known for its famous red double-decker buses. If you sit on the top deck, you will get a nice view of the sights on your journey In London are typical black taxis - cabs
History: London was founded by the Celts as a fortified place called Llyn-din, then it was conquered by Romans in 43 AD and renamed Londinium 5th century AD – an Anglo-Saxon settlement – a major port 9th century AD – Viking invasion Since the time of Edward the Confessor London been the capital of Britain (1042) Edward died in January 1066 without an heir. A great struggle for the throne erupted, and that led to one last invasion. The invader was William, duke of Normandy, who became known as William the Conqueror. On October 14, 1066, Normans and Saxons fought the battle that changed the course of English history—the Battle of Hastings. After his victory, William declared all England his personal property. He constructed the Tower of London The plague began in Asia. Traveling the trade lanes, it infected most of Asia and the Muslim world. Inevitably, it reached Europe. In 1347, a fleet of Genoese merchant ships arrived in Sicily carrying a dread cargo. This was the disease that became known as the Black Death. It got the name because of the purplish or blackish spots
it produced on the skin. The disease swept through Italy. From there it followed trade routes to France, Germany, England, and other parts of Europe. The greatest playwright of all time, William Shakespeare, was living here by 1592. 1605 – the Gunpowder Plot The city was afflicted with two great tragedies in the 17th century – the Great Plague and the Great Fire in 1666. The GF broke out in Pudding Lane in the city and quickly swept through the wooden buildings. Roughly since 1831 to 1925 was London the world’s largest city London was bombed by the Germans during the WWI and WWII"


Gymnázium Jiřího z Poděbrad, Poděbrady, Studentská 166, Poděbrady




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