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Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Tato maturitní otázka zpracovává téma massmedia. Jedná se o velice častou maturitní otázku u školních maturit, ale využijete ji i při státní maturitě.




"In today´s time mass media have a great importance. All people around the world are curious and want to be informed about the world´s events. That´s the reason why they read newspapers listen to the radio or watch television. Mass media give us information; help us to make our own opinion

We have 4 types of media. These are: television, internet, radio and press.
Press is the oldest way of distributing information. The first newspapers appeared in the 17th century. We can divide press into broadsheets, tabloids and magazines. Broadsheets are newspapers in which there is only serious information. They contain political, economical, cultural and international news. They are usually printed daily. Their headlines and photos are smaller than in tabloids and they are usually black and white. In Czech Republic it is for example Mlada fronta dnes, Lidove noviny or Pravo. In Great Britain the best known is The Sun, in the USA it is New York Times.
The tabloids are usually very colorful and they have big headlines and many photos. They bring short reports mostly about celebrities. They are often full of gossips. The most famous in the Czech Republic is Blesk, Aha or Šíp.
The magazines are another type of press. They are usually issued weekly or monthly. They are more expensive than broadsheets or tabloids, because they are printed on better paper and they have more pages. We have many types of magazines. I like magazines about fashion. I like Elle very much, but I don´t buy it very often, because it´s very expensive for me.
Radio was invented at the beginning of the 19th century. In the past people listened to the radio more, because television didn´t exist. Radio has one huge advantage: we can listen to it almost everywhere. People usually listen it when they working, cooking or driving a car. It gives us news from the world and local news. In my opinion very useful is traffic report. There are public and private stations. Public is for example Radiožurnál and private is Evropa 2.
Television is probably the most common kind of media. There is a lots of people who can´t imagine their lives without television. Watching TV is more comfortable than listening to the radio what is more it´s easier to imagine what they are talking about because you can see it. That´s the reason why people prefer television to the radio. In the Czech Republic we have four main channels. Two of them are state, these are ČT1 and ČT2. Prima and Nova are private commercial television channels. In few last years there appeared new TV channels as Fanda or Barrandov. Especially on private channels there are many advertisements, because advertisement is the main source of income for TV. In TV we can watch the news, weather forecasts, sport matches, films, talk shows or soap operas.

Internet is the youngest and the fastest way of communication. It appeared few years ago. In my opinion it´s a great invention. You can do there almost everything. You can buy things, chat with friends, and download films. On the other hand it has many disadvantages. You should be very careful what you share because your personal data can be misused. Social networks are very dangerous for children because there are very popular among pedophiles. Thanks to internet, pornography is spread. For using Internet, knowledge of computer is necessary, so old people have problem with it because they aren’t able to work with computers. As I said, in my opinion Internet is a great invention, but people have to be very careful when they are using it.

I prefer internet. I usually seek information there, because it is easy and fast. I use Internet for downloading films, because I love films and it´s very expensive to buy it and in the TV there aren´t any good films. For downloading I use Uložto or Czshare. I very often watch documents on YouTube as well. In the past I used Facebook very much, but at present I use it only when it is necessary. Time to time I buy things via internet. It´s great in my opinion because I don´t go to city very often so I have no chance to buy special things. Last year I bought snowboard for example.
Time to time I watch news in TV. I don’t like news on Nova channel, because they aren´t very serious. I like news on ČT 1 or ČT 4."





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