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Mladí lidé - maturitní otázka anglicky 16/16

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tato otázka formou krátkých poznámek odpovídá na základní otázky týkající života mladých lidí a jejich orientace a vymezování ve světě. Předchozí maturitní otázku naleznete zde Počasí a klima - maturitní otázka anglicky 15/16.


What are the young people like? What do they hate, what do they love?
How do they spend they free time?
What are their ambitions?
What are their problems and why?
Generation gap
Why are they often considered a symbol of a change? What role did they play in history?
Give an example of successful yound people.
Why do young people have their idols? Who is yours?


“• What are their problems and why?
- young people (so called teenagers) are considered to be not enough old to understand serious things, not to be responsible…
- although it seems they should have easy lives (no work, no children, not have to pay bills,…) its not true – a lot of them have serious problems:
- drug abuse, suffer from alcoholism – though young people tend to spend a lot of their free time with their friends, they don’t want to be different. So they try alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. It’s easy to get addicted, because the more you try it, the more is it hard to stop. Sometimes drugs and alcohol are the way how to solve problems – e.g. with love, parents…Teenagers think they have it under control but soon they realize that these substances control them.
- members of criminal and other gangs – the teenagers become the members of these groups mostly thanks to their situation at home – they have dysfunctional family so they find another one – the gang
- chicane – if you’re different, weaker personality and you have no friends you have a problem, especially when you are young.
- parents – parents play important role in our lives – thy love us, they help us and they support us. But in a lot of cases they influence us in negative way:
- divorce – it might be both negative and positive. In case that one of your parents is addicted, you experience home violence or some other kind of improper behavior, the divorce is the best thing which can happen to you. But when you live relatively normal life and your parents are divorcing because they can’t stand with each other or they have found another person to live with, your world gets into ruins. Especially when you are younger it’s hard to understand why your mummy and daddy don’t want to live together.
- too ambitious parents – parents often want to have the smartest children, the most successful students from the class, the best ones in sport,… It is common that parents want their children to do things they could not do and to study schools they dreamt about. They don’t take care about what their child wants and that is wrong.
- the problems with parents may even result to the extreme situation that you have no place to live in. You’re parents have divorced, they have new life partners and children, and they simply don’t want you. Teenagers from these dysfunctional families often end in the street, become addicted or criminals.
- a lot of teenagers have no parents – they grow up in the children's home and they are more likely to live their future lives at the bottom of the society
- home violence- a lot of young children experience the violence and bad language every day. This deeply influences their psyche, behavior, success at school and they are scared for life.
- love – when your are a teenager, you experience your first loves. But when they end it hurts a lot. A lot of young people cant stand it because they feel abandoned, they think they won’t live happy life again. But as the lime passes, things slowly return to normal and they realize that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed to be.
- there a lot of organisations who would like to help young people to solve their problems (Linka důvěry,…). Even at school there is a student counselor or psychologist to help them. There have been also built some Crisis centers and drug centers where are specialist who want to help and are able to help. We have also a wide web of street workers who try to help those teenagers who are afraid of going in such center."



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