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My home town (Varnsdorf) - maturitní otázka anglicky

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Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny stručně popisuje město Varnsdorf. Seznamuje nejen s jeho zeměpisnou pozicí, historií a uměleckými památkami, ale také s kulturním životem. Informuje rovněž s místy pro sportování a uvádí tipy na výlety.


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"Varnsdorf is a town in the Estuary on Elbe (Ústí nad Labem) Region of the Czech Republic, it is the second largest town in the discript of Děčín, with population of around 16 000. The Mandava River flows throught.

It is close to the border with Germany. It lies under the Lusatian Mountains (Lužické hory). They are not very high. The highest peak is the Lusat (Luž) – 793 metres above sea level.

Town of industry and green belts. Is there the Velveta – the manufacturer of cotton, the Elite and engineering was concentrated in the TOS.

The town was mentioned in 13th century. It was only a small village. Varnsdorf was declared a town in 1868.

Significant people were:
Peter Kein (1919 – 1944) – he was an artist, librettist, poet, who was born in Varnsdorf. His works became wide known a long time after his death. He wrote libretto for Victor Ullman´s opera The Emperor of Atlantic (Císař atlantiku). His art works was exhibited in ghetto Terezin (Terezín).
Bjarnat Krawcec (1861 – 1948) – he was a composer and conductor (dirigent). He composed songs and dance music inspired by our folklore. In 1945 he moved from Dresden to Varnsdorf, where he spent the rest of his life and died. Krawcec´s daughter was Hanka Krawcec (1901 – 1990). She was the first Lusatian professional artist (graphic artist and painter).

There are many interesting sights e. g. the oldest church of St. Peter´s and Paul´s Cathedral. It was finished in 1776. But the most interesting church for me is St. Charles Borromeo (Boromejský). It called the Church without a tower, because it was finished in 1912 without a chief tower.

In town you can found - the Theatre, the Museum, the Art School, the Library or the Cinema. Many people make a lot of sports e. g. football, volleyball, swimming, extreme sports or tennis.

In summer you can do a lot of sports or hiking and cycling in town or surroundings. The most visit village is Jiřetín. There you can find large ruins of mediaeval castle called Tolštejn or Cross Hill (Křížová hora) with a chapel on the top. A wonderful view is from the lookout tower on the top of Jedlová (774 metres above the sea level). Then you can visit a town Rumburk, which it is eight kilometres from Varnsdorf. Very interesting places are e. g. Loretta Chapel or lookout tower Dymník and the Bohemian - Saxon Switzerland is not far away either. "



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