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New York - anglicky - maturiní otázka

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Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje vypracovanou maturitní otázku na téma New York. Stručně seznamuje s historií města a jeho rozdělením, především s jednotlivými městskými částmi. Dále se zmiňuje o zajímavostech, zejména o mrakodrapech, historických památkách, a také místech zábavy a odpočinku, či nákupních centrech. V závěru jsou zmíněna některá kulturní zařízení.


5 boroughs and sides for immigrants
Rockefeller center
Symbol of NY
The important place for shopping, relax
Cultural amenities


"New York is the largest city of the USA with 8 millins inhabitants. It called BIG APLLE and also once New Amsterdam. It´s city, which never sleep. There are so much people, bars, cars, streets and entertaiments. For NY is typical yelow cabs – these are taxis. NY is borough in two parts – west and east. It devide 5th avenue. The streets – this is from east to west and they have only numbers. But avenue – this is from north to south and they have numbers + names. It´s to better orientation in the city.
The first people were Indians. They stayed in Manhatten. Then came Dutch – it was in 1609 – and started trade with Indians, sold them from Holand fur. And the Dutch called it New Amsterdam. After 1640 it was big immigrantsline – people from England, Scotland, Irland and Germany arrived here. Then also Italien and Jews. But they have many problems – language and money. The symbol of the New York is The Statue of Liberty. It was present from France to celebrate an aliance of two nations-between USA and France.
NY is devided in 5 boroughs. These are – Manhatten, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island. Queens and Brooklyn are on Long Island and Queens is largest borough. And Manhatten is devided in 3 parts – Downtown, Midtown and Uptown. In downtown there are so much things – for example Wall Street - a financial center of USA-there are 2 stock market. And there are also sides for immigrants. Chinatown – it´s home for Chinese. Little Italy – it´s home fot Italien and Lower East Side – there live Jews. Jews have special shops with handmaked things and their shops are closed on Saturday, because they relax.
In the big cities there are also skyscrapers. In NY is for example The Empire State Building- this is at 5 Avenue, have two observatories and it is the tallest building in the world. Also The Chrysler building is skyscrapers. It is in art deco styl. And next - The United Nations - there is every September meeting – General Assembly. And to 2001 there was WTC, but it fell down. The hijacked planes crashed into the center. There died about 3000 people.
Rockefeller center is world´s largest business and entertaiment center. There is many restaurants, travel agencies, shops, offices and also have small garden. And the part of RC are RCA and Radio city hall – this is the big cinema and there show new films.
In midtown there is St. Patric Cathedral. It´s center of cristion and irish tradition. At easter people go up and down in the 5 avenue. It ´s a habit.
Symbol of NY´s independent is Statue of Liberty. She stands on Liberty island. She carries in right hand a torch and in left hand she have a tablet with date of andepentents – it ´s on 4.7.1776. She is steeping out of broken chains and she welcome immigrants. She is made from copper and now is green.
The important place for shoping is 5th Avenue – there is Lord Taylor and Macy´s. And shoping center are f.e. The Trump tower and Bloomingdalles. In the TT there is watter-fall and the boutiques are from rose-pink marble."


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