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PET Result Student’s Book Wordlist

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Skripta, učební texty

Škola: Střední průmyslová škola, Karviná, příspěvková organizace, Karviná - Hranice

Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje vypsanou slovní zásobu anglického jazyka i s vysvětlením z PET Result Student´s Book Wordlist.





abroad (adv) əˈbrɔːd in or to another country or countries
accommodation (n) əˌkɒməˈdeɪʃn a place for sb to live or stay
backpack (n) ˈbækpæk a large bag, often on a metal frame, that you carry on your back when you are travelling
baggage (n) ˈbæɡɪdʒ bags, suitcases, etc. used for carrying sb’s clothes and things on a journey
brochure (n) ˈbrəʊʃə a small book with pictures and information about sth
camping (n) kæmpɪŋ sleeping or having a holiday in a tent
camp (v) kæmp to sleep without a bed, especially outside in a tent
campsite (n) ˈkæmpsaɪt a place where you can stay in a tent
capital city (n) ˈkæpɪtl ˈsɪti the town or city where the government of a country is
cruise (n) kruːz a holiday in which you travel on a ship and visit a number of different places
facility (pl facilities) (n) fəˈsɪləti (fəˈsɪlətiz) a service, building, piece of equipment, etc. that makes it possible to do sth
foreign (adj) ˈfɒrən belonging to or connected with a country that is not your own
guest (n) ˈɡest a person who is staying at a hotel, etc.
guesthouse (n) ˈɡesthaʊs a small hotel, sometimes in a private house
guide (n) ˈɡaɪd person who shows tourists or people who are travelling where to go
guidebook (n) ˈɡaɪdbʊk a book that gives information about a place to tourists or people who are travelling
hotel (n) həʊˈtel a place where you pay to stay when you are on holiday or travelling
immigration (n) ˌɪmɪˈɡreɪʃn the control point at an airport, port, etc. where the official documents of people who want to come into a country are checked
luggage (n) ˈlʌɡɪdʒ bags, suitcases, etc. used for carrying sb’s clothes and things on a journey
(on) holiday / vacation (Am) (n) ɒn ˈhɒlədeɪ / vəˈkeɪʃn (having) a period of rest from work or school (often when you go and stay away from home)
reserve (v) rɪˈzɜːv to ask for a seat, table, room, etc. to be available at a future time
reservation (n) ˌrezəˈveɪʃn a seat, table, room, etc. that you have reserved
safari (n) səˈfɑːri a trip to see or hunt wild animals, especially in East Africa
sightseeing (n) ˈsaɪtsiːɪŋ visiting the sights of a city, etc. as a tourist
suitcase (n) ˈsuːtkeɪs a box with a handle that you use for carrying your clothes, etc. in when you are travelling
sunbathing (n) ˈsʌnbeɪðɪŋ taking off most of your clothes and sitting or lying in the sun in order to get a tan (= darker skin)
tent (n) tent a small structure made of cloth that is held up by poles and ropes. You use a tent to sleep in when you go camping.
tour (n) ˈtɔːr a journey that you make for pleasure during which you visit many places
tourist (n) ˈtɔːrɪst a person who visits a place for pleasureů





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