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Places of interest in the USA

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Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny, která zpracovává téma Places of interest in the USA. Zaměřuje se na významná města, národní parky a přírodní krásy.




"WASHINGTON- Washington is the capital of the USA
-it is named by George Washington
-It is situated on the Potomac River
-The White house- is seat of American President
It wasn´t always white. It was repainted after fire which was made
by British people.
-The Lincoln Memorial- it is a memorial of Abraham Lincoln who was a president
during the American Civil War. He cancelled slavery as well
-The Capitol- it´s place where the Senate and House of Representative meet together
-The Washington memorial- it is called The Washington monument as well-
-Jefferson memorial
-The Smithsonian Institution- there are museums and Zoo.
-The Pentagon- is the largest single building in the world
-The Vietnam Veterans Memorial- is a black granite wall where are the names soldiers
killed or missing in the Vietnam War.
-the Arlington Cemetery- it is in Virginia

NY-it is called Big Apple
-it´s the biggest city in the USA
-it has 5 parts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.
-it is located on the Hudson River
-UP TOWN- Central Park- it is the biggest park in NY
-there is a memorial of John Lennon
-it is a place for relaxation
-Harlem-there live mainly black people
-there is the highest criminality in NY
-Lincoln´s centre – is cultural centre. There is a philharmonic and ballet
-Broadway- is famous because of musicals and plays
-MID TOWN- The Empire State Building-is probably the best known building in NY
- The Rockefeller Centre
- Times Square- is named by New York Times
It is something like Trafalgar square in London
-there are hundreds of advertisements
-St. Patrick´s cathedral- it is made in neogothic style
-it is in the centre of NY- in the past it too different place, but
at present NY is bigger
-Madison square garden- is the most popular sport centre in NY
-Carnegie hall- there are concerts
-DOWN TOWN-is the oldest part, so there are no streets and avenues
-There is The China Town and Little Italy, where live minorities
-WTC= World Trading Centre
-it was called Twins
-11th September it was damaged because of terrorists.
-Wall street- it is economical centre and seat of NY stock market
- The Brooklyn Bridge- it joins Brooklyn and Manhattan together

THE EVERGLADES- it is in Florida
-it isn’t swamp as many people think, it is a river
-the fastest way of travelling is airboat there
-you can see endangered animals as alligators or crocodiles there
YOSEMITE NP- it is situated in Sierra Nevada Mountains
-there are rocks, waterfalls, lake glaciers etc
-it is attractive mainly for rock climbers
THE GRAND CANYON- is one of the natural wonders
- You can rafting, hiking or travel by helicopter there
SEQUOIJA NP-Sequoias are huge old trees
-this park is full of them
YELLOW STONE NP- is in Wyoming
-it is the oldest National park in the USA
-there are volcanoes and hot springs
DEAD VALLEY-there died lots of seekers of gold
-it is extremely hot place
BOSTON- close to Boston there is Harvard University so there is high intelligence
-Boston tea party
PHILADELPHIA- was the capital before Washington
ATLANTA-there is the seat of Coca Cola
-in 1996 there were the Olympic Games
MIAMI- it is ideal place for holidays, because there is a beautiful weather and there is Disney world





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