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Počasí - maturitní otázka anglicky

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: nezadáno/škola není v seznamu

Charakteristika: Tato maturitní otázka popisuje jednotlivá roční období z hlediska počasí a aktivit, která se k dané době vztahují. Stručně také charakterizuje celkové klima u nás a ve Velké Británii.


Weather in our country
The seasons of the year.
Weather in Britain


“SUMMER: June 21st is the date when summer begins. It is often hot, the temperatures rise up to 30°C. Sometimes it´s so hot, that you don´t want to do anything, just sit down and dring something very cold and have tuns of ice- cream. The heat may be unbearable. It´s really terrible to be at school in June. You can´t even breathe in the classrooms, you can´t open windows because then there would be much hotter. You wish you could be somewhere at the river. You are longing for refreshment and free time very much. Finally holidays come and rescue you. Students have two monts holidays. That´s wonderful time. You can do whatever you want, you have much free time. People go swimming, sunbathing, travel abroad, go to theseaside. You don´t have to be worry abot getting up early in the morning, doing homework and learning. That´s why children are really looking forward to summer very much.
The weather is very sultry and dry. No wind blows, it´s sunny and calm. But suddenly a storm may come. The sky clouds over, it gets dark and the temperature drops a little. You can get to know, that a storm is coming very easily. The wind starts to blow. It changes into a strong wind. Then there´s a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning in the sky. It starts raining very heavily. It may be hailing, too. If you are out, you get wet to the skin immediately. There are some rules or things you shouldn´t do. It´s very dangerous to stand under a tree because the lightning might hit it. I remember that last year there were storms almost every week. Once I went to the Opaťák and suddenly a storm came. I went on a bike so I couldn´t get home immediately. I couldn´t see the way, because of the heavy downpour. When I came home, the storm ended. I was wet and angry.
On the other hand a storm might be wonderful. But only if you are at home or somewhere indoors and dry. I like the sound of the rain falling on the roof. I really love listening to it, After the storm a rainbow may appear, too.
Summer is the time for berries. People can collect strawberries, billberies, raspberries, currant. I like mushrooming, too. I don´t eat mushrooms at all, but I like to pick up them. When I was younger I competed with my brother in picking up. Both of us wanted to find more mushrooms than the latter. Finding the first mushroom was also important. It´s necessary to know mushrooms, because there are edible ones and poisonous ones in forests. You should taky only mushrooms you surely know. I can identify a cep- it has brown shiny cap and big thick stem with no skirt. The most poisonous mushroom is a death cap. You can see white bag at the bottom of the stem, skirt on the stem. It has white greenish cap. You may change it with field mushrooms very easily. Field mushrooms are very popular, My mother says they are delicious. You can get these mushrooms in supermarkets, too. A fly agaric is also known, it´s very poisonous, too. There are white tiny spots on the red cap. It contains drug which causes halucination, blood poisoning and death."



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