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Seasons of the year

Kategorie: Angličtina

Typ práce: Maturitní otázky

Škola: Gymnázium, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, nám. T. G. Masaryka 1260, příspěvková organizace, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí

Charakteristika: Práce vznikla jako "Béčková" otázka ke školní maturitě z angličtiny, ale využijete ji i u státní maturity. Může sloužit také jako inspirace při psaní školní eseje. Je psána velmi jednoduchým a srozumitelným jazykem, takže porozumění by neměl být žádný problém.




"Spring is between summer and winter. It begins on the 21st of March and it ends on the 21st of June. Spring is my favorite season of the year, because it´s not so hot and so cold. Nature begins awake from its long winter sleep and new life begins. Air is fresh, everything is growing, there are new plants and tiny animals. Spring is very colorful and I love colors, mainly green. The weather is nice, but especially in April is really unpredictable and changeable. Spring is quite rainy and there is flog very often. Days are getting longer, it´s getting warmer so ice and snow melts and due to this there are floods. In spring you have hundreds possibilities what to do. There is snow in the mountains so you can still ski. You can ride a bike or take a walk. Spring has only two faults : The Easter( it´s very bad celebration for girls, because you are always wet and it is quite expensive to buy some chocolate eggs and some alcohol).The second one is spring cleaning of our garden.
Summer begins on the 21st of June and it ends on the 23rd of September. Days are the longest and nights are the shortest. Summer is very warm and sticky. There are summer´s storms very often, but rain isn´t cold. Days are very sunny and the temperature rises to 25 °C or more. Schoolchildren love this season because they have two months of holiday. It is perfect for students and children, because they have lots of free time. In summer you have hundreds of possibilities what to do. You can go for holiday, or visit some interesting places. You can do sports like beach volleyball, tennis, scuba diving…. In summer nights are very warm, so you can go camping with your friends or family. If the weather is fine, you can grill. Summer isn´t very cheap, so it ´s time for a part time-jobs.
Autumn begins on the 23rd of September and it ends on the 21st of December. In autumn the sun sets earlier and rises later so days are shorter. It is a time of the last warm days because it´s getting colder. People are moody and depressed, because there are flogs, rain and wind. Mornings are hazy and foggy. It usually doesn´t clean up by day. On the other hand autumn is very colorful, because Leaves are beautifully colored. Grass turns yellow and gets dry. The trees shed their leaves and by November they will be bare. It's time of harvest- we pick apples, pears and plums and many people go mushrooming. In autumn people usually stay at home and work in their gardens. Weather isn´t ideal for long walks, because it is rainy. Parents with their children go kiting, because autumn is very windy. It looks gorgeous when you can see hundreds of kites in the sky. In autumn, there are some important celebrations like Thanksgiving Day or Halloween. For me is autumn (mainly November) very tiring, because I have to go to school and mornings are disgusting so I have very big problem with getting up.
Winter begins on the 21st of December and it ends 21st of March. Days are the shortest. Typical winter weather brings snowfall, icy wind and hard frosts. Winter is very cold but we have lots of possibilities what to do. Winter is perfect for our winter holiday. We can go skiing to Alps or we can stay in the Czech Republic, because we have enough of skiing resorts there. Children can build snowmen, sledge and skate on lakes. Winter is quite danger, mainly for old people, because roads become icy and slippery and you can skid easily. I think the Christmas is the most important celebration, because family is together."





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