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Svátky v ČR, USA, Velké Británii a Irsku

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Charakteristika: Práce obsahuje pár informací o všech svátcích, které se slaví v České republice a pak také několik poznámek o nejznámějších svátcích v USA a ve Velké Británii.


Svátky v ČR
Svátky v USA
Svátky ve Velké Británii
Irsko - St. Patrick´s day


First I would like to speak about holidays and festivals in the Czech Republic.
On the 1st of January is the day of Czech statehood. The Czech Republic was founded on the 1st January 1993. Before was the Czechoslovakia.
On the 1st of May is Labor day. This is international festival, because in 1889 was very bug strike in Chicago. A lot of people was hurted and killed.
On the 8th of May is the day of victory. On the 8th of May ended 2nd World War.
Easter is one of the most important Christian liturgical year. The date depends on the Full Moon. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the Easter´s Monday boys go to girls and smack girls with birch stick. Girls give boys nice painted eggs or ribbon. Easter is very cheerful holiday.
On the 5th of July is St. Cyril and Methodius day. On 863 they went to Big Moravia and brought old Slavic language and Christianity.
On the 6th of July is Jan Hus day. He was a priest and gave a lecture against the Catholic Church. He was burned at the stake in Kostnice.
On the 28th of September is St. Wenceslas day. St. Wenceslas is a patron of the Czech Republic.
On the 28th of October 1918 was founded the Czechoslovakia. People celebrate on this day Independent Czechoslovak.
On the 17th of November is international student´s day. In 1939 was closed all universities and in 1989 was velvet revolution.
On the 24th of December is Christmas day. Christmas in Christian tradition is a celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. Christmas Eve is the most important feast day of all the Czech holidays. Usually in the morning a Christmas tree is decorated. All day is fasting so people don´t eat. Some people say: I will see golden pick in the evening. In the evening the family gathers together to have a traditional dinner that consists of fish or lentil soup and carp with potato salad. After dinner children await the ringing of the bell that announces that little baby Jesus has come to visit them and left presents under the Christmas tree. On the 31st of December is celebrated Silvester. This is the last day of year. People drink alcohol and eat a lot of food. At tonight start big firework´s show and people say another people: Happy New Year.

held – držený
harvest - sklizeň
Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of November. Halloween is Celtic holiday. When Irish immigrated to the USA, the tradition came with them. Halloween celebrate people in the USA, in the United Kingdom and in Canada. Halloween isn´t so much popular in the Czech Republic. Symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin Jack – o – Lantern. A lot of people especially children wear on Halloween costumes. People dress up as ghost, vampires or witches. Children love Halloween because they knock on their neighbour´s door and tell: Trick or Treat when the door open. They give children soma sweets or fruit.
Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and was historically held as thanks for a good harvest. Thanksgiving came from Pilgrims because they left England for a better life in America but had problem: How to grow food to eat. The Native Americans were friendly and only English speaking helped them. His name is Squanto. Pilgrims were thankful and organized first Thanksgiving. Nowadays people celebrate Thanksgiving together with friends and family and with good meal. People eat turkey and pumpkin pie.
On the 14th of February is St. Valentine´s day. On this day people who are in love give a lot of love their boyfriends or girlfriends. They send card, flowers and presents. Valentine´s day celebrate some people in the Czech Republic too."



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