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The USA – geography, economy, and politics

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Škola: Gymnázium Jiřího z Poděbrad, Poděbrady, Studentská 166, Poděbrady

Charakteristika: Práce v anglickém jazyce zpracovává téma Spojené státy americké k profilové ústní zkoušce. Představuje přírodu, obyvatelstvo a popisuje politický systém.


Geography and nature
Politics and economy


"Intro: Capital: Washington D.C (D.C. means District of Columbia) The biggest city is New York The USA is a large country with an area of over 9,5 million km2. This is the 4th largest state after Russia, Canada and China. The United States of America is federative republic consists of 50 states. They border on Mexico in the south, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Canada in the north and Pacific Ocean in the west. The United States and Canada are peaceful neighbours, sharing the longest undefended border in the world. These two countries have many things in common, including similar ways of life and a democratic heritage. In recent years, free trade has brought their economies closer together. In each country, one finds an increasing number of products that were made in the other country. The flag is a rectangle with 13 alternating red and white horizontal stripes, representing the original thirteen colonies. In the upper-left corner is a blue rectangle with fifty white stars, one for each state. The flag is nicknamed Stars and Stripes or Old Glory. The current flag is not the original design. There have been many designs over the years, mostly dependent on the number of stars. This flag has been in service since 1959, when the last two stars were added (representing Alaska and Hawaii).
Geography: Most of the United States stretches across the middle part of North America. The 48 states in this part of the country are contiguous, or joined together inside a common boundary. Two states lie apart from the others. Alaska lies in the north-western part of North America, adjacent to Canada. Hawaii is an island group in the Pacific Ocean, about 2 400 miles southwest of California. The US and Canada have a variety of landforms. A broad lowlands runs along the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico coast – it’s Coastal plain. In north-eastern areas, the thin and rocky soil constrains, or limits, farming. A fertile, hilly area called the Piedmont, however, stretches inland from the coastal plain."





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