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The United States of America

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Charakteristika: Maturitní otázka z angličtiny, která se zabývá Spojenými státy americkými. Od základních faktů se přes historii dostanete až k politickému systému.


Základní informace,
Geografie 3. Historie
Významná města
Politický systém


"The United States of America is one of the most admired and the most despised nations in the world today. As a dominant of power, the US is known for its military might, economic strength and democratic government. In addition, American culture has spread across the globe through its popular films, music and commercial products such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s hamburgers and Levi jeans. Because of its influence around the world, the US provokes strong reactions. Many people either love or hate the US.
The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world, stretching across the North American continent from the Atlantic coast on the east to the Pacific coast on the west. The mainland of the US is bordered by Mexico in the south and Canada in the north. The US also includes Alaska in the north of the continent and the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean.
The country is so vast that it covers a wide variety of distinct geographical regions. The highest peak can be found in Alaska. It is Mt. McKinley.
The US has many rivers. The largest rivers are the Mississippi and Missouri. The Hudson River in the east is important because it connects with the Great Lakes.
The US is the third most populous country in the world behind China and India. As a land of immigrants, American population is very diverse. Because of the variety of races and cultures living side by side in the same country, racism is an important issue in the US. Racial issues play a critical role in US politics and history.
The official language of the US is English. However, because of the large numbers of immigrants, many different languages are spoken in the fifty states.
The North American continent has been inhabited for 35,000 years. According to the most widely held theory, the first people migrated from Siberia to America by crossing the Bering Strait.
In 1492 most Europeans became aware of America and its people through Christopher Columbus. The continent is named after Amerigo Vespucci, another Italian explorer. By the end of seventeenth century the Spain, French, Dutch and English has claimed land and started settlements in North America.
During the eighteenth century, more and more Europeans immigrated to the American continent. By 1750, there were thirteen British colonies on the East Coast, ruled from England. As the colonies grew economically, England attempted to restrict their power. These acts stimulated the American hatred for the British, eventually culminating in the War of Independence in 1775.
The leaders of the American Revolution were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. On 4th July, 1776, the colonists declared their independence from Britain. Led by Thomas Jefferson, representatives of all thirteen colonies met in Philadelphia to sing the Declaration of Independence.
The first president of the United States of America became George Washington from 1789 to 1797. Throughout nineteenth century, the US expanded its territory westward.
In the twentieth century the US grew as a world power. Victorious in the two World Wars, the US became known for its military strength."



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